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Friesland Indica (aka M33) x Lava Cake

by Dutch Passion

From Dutch Passion via the Super Sativa Seed Club comes Lava Freeze  – a 90% indica hybrid that thrives in hot or cool climates and offers knockout physical effects that’ll test your THC tolerance to the limit.

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Lava Freeze Strain Genetics

Lava Freeze cannabis seeds lineage combine all the skill of the SSSC breeding program into a single indica-dominant hybrid that excels. The mother of this ice-cool cultivar is Friesland Indica (aka M33), which brings all of its old school genetics to the table. Hailing from Canada and bred to deal with the harsh environment of its homelands, this legendary strain has now been crossed by Karel (of Karel Haze fame). Paired with an elite Lava Cake clone for added vigour and taste, it’s quickly become Karel’s favourite and a must-have for elite grow rooms everywhere. 

Available now from MGS as feminised seeds, this tasty hybrid comes in four slightly different phenotypes, each providing its own unique take on the original recipe. As such, Lava Freeze marijuana seeds are ideal for pheno hunters who enjoy exploring the more adventurous side of cannabis cultivation 

Lava Freeze Strain Terpene Profile 

Friesland Indica (sometimes known as Freezeland M33) found its fame back in the late 80s and old school smokers may still remember its incredibly smooth and fruity appeal. Lava Cake on the other hand is widely celebrated for its Cookies qualities and sugary fresh-baked flavour. Together, these two tasty strains lend Lava Freeze flavour and aroma a gassy quality, with skunk nuances, and an earthy kush undertone.

Though cannabis contains up to 200 different terpenes, there are about 10 primary terpenes that occur in significant concentrations. Caryophyllene, Lava Freeze dominant terpene, is one of the most common, and along with providing the strain’s pungent flavour, it possesses many medical benefits that’s seen it used in everything from essential oils to topical creams.

 Lava Freeze Strain Effects 

As a 90% indica dominant strain, Lava Freeze effects are almost exclusively physical. A hard-hitting, couch-locking hybrid that experienced smokers are sure to appreciate, it offers users an intensely relaxing experience, a sense of mental clarity, and ravenous feelings that’ll have you raiding the kitchen cupboards.

No specific information exists regarding Lava Freeze THC content, but its heavy effect speaks for itself. Largely unsuitable for novices, even in small doses it has the potential to KO high tolerance users, so save this strain for bedtime and make sure the fridge is well-stocked before consuming.  

Lava Freeze strain Medical Benefits

Caryophyllene terpenes and THC lend Lava Freeze medical benefits that are equally, if not more, effective than traditional treatments. Working together via the entourage effect, these organic compounds activate CB2 receptors in the brain, which lessens pain and reduces the damaging consequences of chronic inflammation. This makes Lava Freeze medical seeds an excellent choice for those healing from physical injury.

Lava Freeze weed is also a fantastic appetite stimulant. While CBD can have an adverse effect on appetite, THC dominant strains such as this are known to trigger hunger hormones and switch specific brain regions to eating mode while under their influence.

How to Grow Lava Freeze Strain

Growing Lava Freeze seeds indoors is a viable option but this feminized variety has been specially bred to weather the harsh Canadian climate and produce tough, rugged plants that are terrific for outdoor growth. 

Growers should also take note – Lava Freeze is an F3 strain that has a few tricks up its sleeve! Four different phenotypes are possible – two with purple tones and two with bright green colours – meaning every grow comes with a surprise. Furthermore, Lava Freeze flowering time is a rapid 8 weeks from germination, so you won’t have to wait long to find out what you’ve won! 

All flowers produced will be extremely dense and coated with a thick layer of aromatic resin. Lava Freeze yields are also abundant, both in terms of flower weight and resin production, so it’s not only concentrate creators that are in luck with this ever-giving Freezeland x Lava Cake cross.