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Offered by the Super Sativa Seed Club through Dutch Passion, these indica-dominant Kosher Haze hybrid cannabis seeds blend exotic genetics and an exceedingly high THC content to create a potent combination of classic, 60s flavours that inherits the best characteristics of both parents.

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Kosher Haze Strain Genetics

These feminized seeds result from a funky cross of the jewel in the Super Sativa Seed Club crown, Karel’s Haze, with the multi-time High Times Cannabis Cup champ and seedbank mainstay Kosher Kush.

This blend ensures that Kush, Haze, Skunk, and old school Afghani Hash tones are dominant all over the flavours here, bringing back that Woodstock generation sensation, but with a buzz that leaves the old-school in its dust thanks to the very high THC content (over 20%). OG Kush descendant Kosher Kush has mothered numerous strains, including 24k Gold and Holy Grail Kush, so there’s serious competition in the family tree. Kosher Haze can more than stack up, however, thanks to its unique and memorable buzz.

Kosher Haze Strain Terpene Profile

There is an earthy, soil-like terpene profile at play in these feminised seeds, but with a lot more going on too. Hints of butterscotch on the inhale suggest the possible presence of nerolidol, a rarely discussed terpene, but there are some more familiar favourites at play too. A gassy, petrol-tinged vibe on the inhale is a clear sign of the presence of caryophyllene, while the deep, earthy, classic, almost hash-like taste and aromas that linger in the air are due to myrcene.

The dominant flavour here is that of lime, a modern twist on a classic Cali citrus flavour, and this is due to limonene. This terpene is also found in lemons, limes, and other citrus fruits (hence that instantly recognisable taste).

Kosher Haze Strain Effects

As with so much of this cannabis strain, the Kosher Haze buzz is a modern twist on a classic feeling, a creativity-inducing, uplifting buzz that brings back that old-school vibe but a much, much more potent version of it!

Nothing couch locking to be expected here, but you’re still going to be very aware of being stoned thanks to the euphoric, cerebral, heady high and full-body buzz that kick into action almost before you’ve finished completely exhaling! A long-lasting effect that should keep you smiling for hours, this is a perfect evening marijuana strain.

Kosher Haze Strain Medical Benefits

Many have reported medical marijuana potential from this feminised strain, especially when it comes to relieving symptoms related to anxiety and associated conditions. The uplifting high can really bring the mood up, while the relaxing effects of the strain can reduce stresses, combining to lessen anxiety potentially.

Additionally, the combination of cannabinoid (THC) and terpene (caryophyllene) can work together with the body to alleviate chronic pain symptoms for those regularly dealing with the effects of fibromyalgia or migraines.

How to Grow Kosher Haze Strain Seeds

These feminised seeds almost grow themselves, it’s nearly that simple! Whether you’re growing Kosher Haze cannabis seeds inside or outside, you can expect high yields with a flowering time of as little as eight weeks (and rarely more than ten weeks from germination). SOG and SCROG methods will see indoor gardeners well here.

Outdoor growers will be delighted with the yield from these sturdy plants, which deal well against temperature changes and adverse weather conditions even when not in a greenhouse. Fear not mildew, fear not mites, these strong and durable plants can handle it all and will bring you a veritable feast of lime green, trichome coated, beautiful smelling buds in early October.