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Wifi OG x Glueberry OG

by Dutch Passion

These Dutch Passion marijuana seeds blend high-quality OG Kush genetics for a THC-heavy, indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain with a chilled and relaxing buzz.

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Hifi 4G Strain Genetics

There are two powerful OG strains in the lineage of these Hifi 4G cannabis seeds, on one aside, the modern genetics of Wifi OG (AKA White Fire OG, Fire OG x The White) and the pure, epic bloodline of Glueberry OG (GG4 x OG Kush x Blueberry). That’s a lot of OG, a lot of potency, and a plethora of pungent flavours.

These West Coast Cali genetics also ensure easy growing traits, making this an excellent choice for beginners, as well as an interesting mix of effects, from the sedating to the uplifting.

Hifi 4G Strain Terpene Profile

It will be no surprise, continuing the parent strains, that this hybrid strain has very notable North American Kush aromas and flavours that dominate all else. The most robust tones here are citrus lemon on the way in and earthy, woody goodness on the way out. The fruity inhale touch comes from a dominant terpene, limonene, while the classic Kush vibe on the exhale comes from myrcene.

There’s also a spicy tickly that lingers on the lips, a pleasing aftertaste that is due to another abundant terp, the peppery caryophyllene. Combining traditional and modern tastes and scents, Hifi 4G has a unique, yet familiar feel.

Hifi 4G Strain Effects

The high THC level (over 20%) ensures a serious kick from this weed strain that acts quickly and lasts a long time. The Gorilla Glue genetics bring a certain level of couch lock here, but there’s a cerebral undertone thanks to the OG lineage too.

This is the perfect strain for an evening spent chilling with buddies and listening to music, with the euphoric, relaxed buzz making songs sound better than they ever have before! A little goes a long way here, it doesn’t take a lot of this high-power Dutch Passion Seeds offering to take full advantage of these phenomenal effects.

Hifi 4G Strain Medical Benefits

Stress relief is the primary medical benefit reported by consumers of this cannabis strain. The combination of terpene and cannabinoid, limonene and THC, with the potential regulatory abilities of myrcene, can aid in reducing the effects of stress and enhancing mood and creativity.

These potential medical seeds may also help alleviate anxiety symptoms, both short-term associated with recent events or related to long-term anxiety conditions. This strain provides the relaxing, uplifting buzz necessary to lessen the severity and duration of these symptoms and possibly aid with sleep to support mental health.

How to Grow Hifi 4G Strain Seeds

Growing these top quality feminized cannabis seeds is a walk in the park, even for beginners. The flowering time is 8-10 weeks from germination with SOG and SCROG, with a growth spurt in the last couple of weeks speeding up the situation and increasing the already high yield up to potentially over 600g/m2.

For outdoor growers, all bets are off in terms of both yield and size, this strain can grow into a beast, particularly if grown in a greenhouse. Thick, sturdy branches can handle the elements well and are relatively resistant to issues like mildew and spider mite. Outdoor harvest should be expected by the 2nd week of October, with fields of dense, heavy, dark green buds with beautiful orange hues and a trichome coat, releasing an old school kush aroma letting you know they’re ready!