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Gorilla Glue x OG Kush x Blueberry

by Dutch Passion

This popular hybrid from Dutch Passion won 2nd prize for Indicas at the Home Grown Cup NL (2017). A mix of popular, and strong, American strains Gorilla Glue x OG Kush and Dutch Passion’s own fruit-bomb, Blueberry; Glueberry OG is a potent strain with a lovely, mellow high.

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Glueberry OG Strain Genetics

Glueberry OG combines Gorilla Glue (Chem Dawg’s Sister x Sour Dubb x Chocolate Diesel) with another potent American classic, OG Kush, and then to up the fruitiness, was crossed again with Dutch Passion’s high-quality Blueberry. Voila! An all-round American bowl of deliciousness.

Glueberry OG Strain Terpene Profile

Because of the varied mix of strains in the parentage, Glueberry OG has different flavours coming through the recognizable Blueberry fruit taste, under its more diesely notes and below those some really dank, earthy flavours. If you’re growing yourself and decide to leave it flowering longer (see below), then some (very) happy users say that it burns (and tastes) much like a good hash.

Glueberry OG Strain Effects

Glueberry OG’s genetics are top-notch modern American classics, they bring with them a lovely balance of sativa and indica type effects; Blueberry lends her euphoric personality and wonderful fruity flavour. When we say powerful effects, powerful they are! You are likely gonna be very high indeed, deeply mellow and relaxed: one to try at home in the evenings when hanging with good friends.

Medical Benefits Glueberry OG Strain

Unlike some of Dutch Passion’s other strains, Glueberry OG was not developed specifically with medical users in mind. Exact cannabinoid ratios aren’t currently available for this strain, but the general effects should help ease tired, aching muscles, and relax both body and mind; tokers looking for relief of general fatigue or mood enhancement may find some joy here.

How to Grow Glueberry OG Strain

Glueberry OG is popular with growers for her short flowering time. At eight weeks the mix of sativa and indica effects should be at its height, between 8 and 11 weeks you will get danker, more stoned effects from the bud.

If you are interested in a hash-like final product then gardeners suggest leaving it longer and giving it a long dry and cure period too. Glueberry OG is also popular for giving a very high yield. And this, together with the potency of the strain and the fact that she produces a lot of oil, means she can be good for making oils, concentrates and the like.