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Super Skunk x Purple Star

by Dutch Passion

Bred for the outdoors, Frisian Dew can hold its own, and with such a high calyx-to-leaf ratio, skilled outdoor cannabis cultivators know there are few strains as all-around excellent.

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Frisian Dew StrainGenetics

After a three-year clone selection process, Dutch Passion Seeds created a strain evenly-balanced with 50/50 sativa and indica genetics, Frisian Dew. Crossed with Super Skunk and Purple Star, this strain is mould-resistant and able to produce impressive harvests, especially in Northern European climates.

Frisian Dew Strain Terpene Profile

It comes with a piney, citrusy, woody smell that’s reminiscent of its Skunk lineage accompanied by a sharp kick of citrus notes when tasting.

Frisian Dew Strain Effects

This strain comes with as much as 16% THC, and at first toke, it induces a sativa high that comes crashing in, resulting in a clear head and sharper focus. The strong bodily finish showcases its indica genetics, but do not underestimate its potency, as too much can become overwhelming.

Medical Benefits Frisian Dew Strain

Though low in CBD, its natural pain-relieving properties reimburse for it. When consumed, it could act as a mood-enhancer and help consumers relieve stress and anxiety. The indica traits of the strain could help soothe aches and chronic pain in the muscles by relaxing the body and in turn, leads to physical stress-free bliss.

How to Grow Frisian Dew Strain

According to Dutch Passion, this strain thrives when grown outdoors in a backyard or garden as the best places to plant, assuming it’s legal of course. Despite its massive buds, this indica-sativa strain is not very demanding in terms of care, as she is resistant to mould and grows small. It’s a real beauty to see towards the end of the blooming period, boasting dense, light purple buds and visually stunning, shiny flowers.