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by Dutch Passion

These terpene-rich, flavourful, hybrid feminized cannabis seeds from the highly respected Dutch Passion are a must for any true cannaisseur. Expect high THC, potent, sativa-dominant effects, and lingering flavours of pine, wood, and lemon from this instant Dutch classic.

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Forest Dream Strain Genetics

One of the many mysteries in the Dutch Passion collection, the background of this cannabis strain is relatively unknown. We know there’s a sativa-dominance, and from the beautiful flavours and long-lasting high, we know they’re high-quality parents.

In case that wasn’t evidence enough, this cannabis strain has also inherited deeply pleasing growing traits, including a fast flowering time and an exceptional yield thanks to the barrage of side branches, each dripping with dense buds coated in potent THC crystals.

Forest Dream Strain Terpene Profile

While the genetics of this marijuana strain may be kept close to the chest by the seed bank, the terpene profile is very apparent thanks to the unique and dominant flavours and aromas that come during booth growing and consuming. The first notable taste, and (we assume) the reason for the name of this hybrid cannabis, is pinene, which produced that woody, piney flavour on the exhale and a scent reminiscent of a forest in spring.

An old school earthy, herbal Kush scent is added by myrcene, while a potent hint of citrus lemons and oranges gets to the tonsils on the inhale due to another abundant terpene, limonene. Together, you get a smooth, succulent flavour, a tropical yet homely combination of forest flora and fauna that makes for an absolute treat for the senses.

Forest Dream Strain Effects

Despite having a high THC level of around 20%, the Forest Dream buzz is not sedating. Instead, there is a clear-headed, euphoric high that carries you through a busy day with an underlying sense of relaxation that makes everything less stressful!

Whether chosen as daytime, evening, or night-time strain, the energetic high is excellent, providing a hearty helping of happiness that guarantees the odd giggle fit and many a deep and meaningful combination with your buddies during the long-lasting effects of this joyful offering.

Forest Dream Strain Medical Benefits

The possible medical benefits of these cannabis seeds come from a combination of the high cannabinoid content and the rich terpene profile. For example, the blend of caryophyllene and THC works together with the body’s endocannabinoid system, potentially aiding in the relief of anxiety symptoms that can be connected to stress disorders.

The light and uplifting buzz of these Forest Dream medical seeds may also provide support for counteracting symptoms of depression and related conditions and ensuring a more upbeat sensation from day to day, this strain may help with sleeping too!

How to Grow Forest Dream Strain Seeds

These feminised seeds are amongst the easier to grow in the Dutch Passion Seeds collection. With a flowering time of just eight weeks from germination (indoors), the plants grow tall, leafy, and with many side branches. Some light pruning will be necessary, but there’s little wasted motion here, almost every branch and twig will be decorated with purple-hued nugs!

For outdoor growers, a greenhouse is recommended to keep the plants safe. Outdoors Forest Dream can become sensitive to mould and spider mites towards grow time (early October), so be sure to check the plants regularly to ensure everything is okay, no problem for experienced growers. As long as you do, you’ll be rewarded by a high yield of stunning, trichome coated buds in such abundance that it’ll look like a forest as well as smelling like one!