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Mexican Oaxaca x Columbian Punto Rojo x Meao Thai

by Dutch Passion

A remarkable pure sativa strain from South America recently introduced to Europe by the master growers at Dutch Passion. Desfrán promises a strong, cerebral, even psychedelic high that will take you to new heights.

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Desfrán Strain Genetics

Desfrán was originally a three-way cross of Mexican Oaxaca x Columbian Punto Rojo x Meao Thai. Brought to Europe a few years back by Dutch Passion’s Argentinian Master Grower, Alberto, this South American beauty was refined to become the multi-award winning strain she is today. Now a cross of Destroyer with Destroyer, the quality of her pure sativa genetics is immediately obvious thanks to her wide range of flavors and her potency.

Desfrán Strain Effects

When harvested early, the high from Desfrán is very cerebral, as you would expect from any strong sativa. Taken in larger doses, she will be dreamy and psychedelic, great if you and your friends are feeling sociable and philosophical; possibly not so great if you’re of a nervous disposition.

Desfrán Strain Terpene Profile 

A very sweet and fruity aroma will greet you the moment you meet Desfrán. Fruits like apple and pear come through strongest and are perceptible in the taste too. You may also get hints of grape or melon, with a caramel-like aftertaste that is soft on the palette. After a late harvest, Desfrán’s fruity taste will be even sweeter.

Medical Benefits Desfrán Strain

Said to contain a decent amount of the cannabinoid CBG; this compound is thought to be a good antibacterial aid and also thought to help induce restful sleep. The potent THC ratio, 15-20%, may also prove useful for those looking for pain relief from conditions such as migraine, cluster headaches or neuralgia.

How to Grow Desfrán Seeds

Desfrán, from Dutch Passion, is a relatively easy going strain to grow. She won’t need much nutrition during vegetation and will grow strongly both indoor, outdoor and in a greenhouse. She’ll also take to most mediums but does particularly well in soil where her roots can spread out. As a pure sativa, she can grow very tall with long branches that are widely spaced boasting long, elegant colas. She can stretch out during flowering to great heights.

Desfrán is quite a pungent cannabis strain and will smell sweet and aromatic indoors. Full of resin, she works well in a SOG or SCROG grow and will produce dense, compact and frosty flowers.