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by Dutch Passion

A specially cultivated high CBD strain from Dutch Passion, CBD Compassion boasts a 1:1 CBD/THC ratio, averaging 8% for both cannabinoids. It is promising for medical users as it also has a good deal of CBC and CBG, providing a potentially rewarding ‘entourage effect’. Tasty too. 

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CBD Compassion Strain Genetics 

First prize winner in Medical at the 2014 High Life Cup (Amsterdam), CBD Compassion is a sativa-dominant, CBD-rich strain from Dutch Passion. Its mysterious parents are a Nepalese strain and an unknown sativa. Whatever they were, they produce a high CBD level, consistently between 7 and 12% (anything over 1% is considered high for this cannabinoid).

CBD Compassion Strain Terpene Profile

Flavorsome and full-bodied, CBD Compassion is the most sativa-dominant CBD variety that Dutch Passion have produced to date. It has notably sativa-like flavors: like citrus, with floral notes. This smooth strain is also their first independently bred CBD variety too.

CBD Compassion Strain Effects

Yes, it is for medical purposes, but that doesn’t mean recreational cannabis enthusiasts won’t enjoy it. In fact, many of them like it for, as with other CBD-rich strains, it gives you the benefits of feeling ‘medicated’ without feeling ‘high’. The effect of CBD Compassion is tranquil, body-stoned, anxiety and paranoia free which can be great for daytime use; giving a general sense of well-being and ease.

Medical Benefits CBD Compassion Strain

Developed especially with medical users in mind, CBD Compassion from Dutch Passion has a rare 1:1 CBD to THC ratio: that means the CBD essentially cancels out any psychoactive properties of the THC, while still retaining the latter cannabidiol’s health benefits.

The folks at Dutch Passion are proud of this one, they also sell a CBD Compassion Extract, i.e. the same flower in oil form (5% CBD), which is also non-psychoactive. High CBD strains are thought to help with a wide variety of health issues from anxiety and depression to inflammation.

How to Grow CBD Compassion Seeds

Long, finger-like leaves define this sativa strain which turns from a dark green to a lovely, toasted orange color when flowering. She grows to medium height and can produce a good, medium-large yield under the right conditions. Because of the unusual mix in this strain, the time to flowering is a bit longer than average, but the resulting resinous and aromatic bud is well worth the wait.