Buy C-Vibez strain seeds

Mad Scientist x Voodoo

by Dutch Passion

Born from a rare genetic mix and bringing good vibrations, groovy colours and tastes unlike any other, C-Vibez is a weird and wonderful indica-dominant hybrid from the Dutch Passion seed company that won’t disappoint whatever the results.

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C-Vibez Strain Genetics

C-Vibez lineage is on the more unusual side. DNA from Mad Scientist – a rare Sannie’s Seeds crossbreed – has been mixed with the Dutch Passion seed bank’s original Voodoo strain, making for a team-effort like no other. Perfect for pheno hunters, this uncanny mix of Thai, White Widow, and Herijuana genetics has lent the strain an intense fruity flavour, potent indica-dominant effects, and the kind of vigour usually reserved for F2 and F3 varieties.

Available from MGS in a feminised variety that flowers in shades of pink and purple when cultivated correctly, C-Vibez marijuana seeds really stand out from the crowd. Why not take your garden to the next level with a little help from these a-typical and high-quality feminized seeds?

C-Vibez Strain Terpene Profile

C-Vibez flavour is difficult to pinpoint. Its profile is mainly sweet and fruity with floral notes and an aftertaste of pine. Traditional kush qualities are also apparent, along with spicy, acidic undertones, but its smell is a pure bouquet of pungent, savoury scents, with a mustiness that’s more common in Cheese strains.

This strange, yet somehow alluring, profile arises from the pheno’s distinctive terpene content. Myrcene is the main culprit, but C-Vibez dominant terpenes also include caryophyllene, limonene, and alpha-pinene, their individual profiles complementing one another to form something completely unique. 

C-Vibez Strain Effects

C-Vibez THC content is an impressive 20-25%, ranking it as one of the most potent strains in the Dutch Passion cannabis seed collection. Its landrace Thai genetics are responsible for the strong impact consumers will experience while under its influence, which initially presents a rush of creative sativa-fuelled energy before settling into a heavy, almost tranquillizing sense of physical intoxication.

As a high THC, low CBD strain, C-Vibez effects can quickly lead unaccustomed users down a rocky road of red eyes, paranoia, and eventual couchlock. To avoid a negative experience, know your limits and show a little restraint because, with this high-powered pheno, a little goes a long way.

C-Vibez strain Medical Benefits

C-Vibez medical benefits mainly revolve around the body. Working together in synergy, myrcene, caryophyllene, and THC form a formidable triumvirate, giving the strain potent painkilling and anti-inflammatory properties. Ideal for treating physical injury and soothing chronic pain, patients seeking an alternative to over-counter medications should look no further.

The high THC levels of C-Vibez medical seeds can also be harnessed to significant a sleep-inducing effect. Anyone who’s sampled the strain in excess can attest to its sedative influence, and, for people living with insomnia, it may prove just the ticket for finally getting a good night’s rest.  

How to Grow C-Vibez Strain

C-Vibez flowering time is around 8-10 weeks from germination but can take longer, so some patience from growers is required. By not fully stabilizing its genetics, Dutch Passion has deliberately created a strain that delivers slightly different qualities depending on the individual phenotype. About 30% of the plants will display picture-perfect purple and pink colours among the usual lime green shades, making growing C-Vibez seeds especially rewarding if you’re seeking bag appeal.

Responding well in both a SOG and a SCROG setup, these feminized seeds can also be grown completely naturally inside or out with a great end result. However, outdoor growth in temperate environments is not advised. Producing medium-large, hardy plants that are highly resistant to bending, C-Vibez yields will easily reach 500-600g/m2 if grown in organic soil and given enough light, and its hard buds are perfect candidates for making cannabis concentrates.