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Grandaddy Purple x OG Kush

by Dutch Passion

Derived from one of the most famous cannabis lineages in the world, Bubba Island Kush is a favorite among concentrate makers looking to produce a variety of cannabis extracts such as hash, oil, and extracts, so it’s no question why Cannaisseur’s like it so much.

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Bubba Island Kush Strain Genetics

Originating from the U.S.A., this strain is a cross between Grandaddy Purple x OG Kush hybrid with a pre-1998 Bubba Kush reverted male plant. The result is an incredible indica hybrid developed by Dutch Passion Seeds. With premium strength genetics, this strain is noted for its fast-flowering properties and heavy yield.

Bubba Island Kush Strain Terpene Profile

Bubba Island Kush has the typical earthy Kush aroma emphasized by an extraordinary blend of dominant sour and fruity notes that makes a very captivating smoke for all those who taste it.

Bubba Island Kush Strain Effects

Do not doubt the quality of this strain, as it measures up to 20% THC when grown in optimal conditions in the final harvest, providing users an array of soothing properties and tranquilizing effects sure to please. It gives an indica-stone that’s deeply enjoyable and delivers relaxing vibes. This makes Bubba Island Kush an ideal strain to kick back after a long day and well deserved rest.

Medical Benefits Bubba Island Kush Strain

With its high THC and CBD content, Bubba Island Kush has been long favored as a healing strain of cannabis that may help with numerous ailments. Once consumed, there’s no paranoia or raciness, so users may find that this strain could help to mentally and physically relax sore spots all throughout the body – the ideal pain killer. With the help of the high cannabinoid profile in this strain, it can be used for all day medication, whether before work, after work, or even before bed, intaking high doses may be of greater benefit for those dealing with depression and other anxieties.

How to Grow Bubba Island Kush Seeds

Although ideal for indoor grows, cultivating this strain outdoors is also an option. It reaches a very manageable height in little time and during the final flowering stages, its leaves will gain a very dark, almost black tone, which gives it the appearance of a true hashish plant. This strain will appeal to all lovers of Kush, as it produces an extraordinary resin production on its frosty, buds of premium THC potency, perfect for all types of extractions.