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Bruce Banner x Lemon OG

by Dutch Passion

Available from the Super Sativa Seed Club via the Dutch Passion seedbank, Bruce Lemon Diesel is an evenly balanced sativa/indica hybrid that combines both old-school and modern strains to create a high THC delight.

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Bruce Lemon Diesel Strain Genetics

This hearty, pungent strain mixes 90s genetics with modern wonders by blending Bruce Banner (OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel) with Lemon OG (LV Lemon Skunk x OG OG #18). That’s a surefire way to get a phenomenal flavour profile from a cannabis strain, but that’s just the start of the perks provided by the impressive lineage.

These feminised seeds have also inherited pleasing growing traits, including high yields from relatively small plants. If you’re looking for the old-school meeting the new school, you’re unlikely to find a better example than Kush and Diesel filled wonder!

Bruce Lemon Diesel Strain Terpene Profile

The name gives a lot away here, expect citrus and petrol hues to dominate the Bruce Lemon Diesel flavours and scents, but with a nod to classic Kush strains too! The lemon-fresh vibe comes from a common cannabis terpene in the shape of limonene, which ensures that tangy tickle on the tongue upon exhale.

The inhale is far more Diesel dominant thanks to the peppery, fuel-edged caryophyllene, while the earthy, OG Kush/White Widow scent that lingers in the room after use comes from the terpene found in most marijuana strains, myrcene. This blend of classic flavours from diverse backgrounds gives a unique edge to this spectacular hybrid.

Bruce Lemon Diesel Strain Effects

With a high THC level that tops out at over 20%, you’d expect a euphoric kick here, and you’re going to get one! Far from sticking you to the couch, however, the vibe here is far more uplifting, a feel-good sensation combined with a full-body stone that, while calming, is not sedating, so you can still get stuff done (although it will be done slowly!).

An excellent late afternoon choice, this herbal treat offers a burst of euphoria before relaxation. Wait until just before the end of a busy day, and the timing will be perfect for you to kick back and let all the stresses away.

Bruce Lemon Diesel Strain Medical Benefits

Conducive to creativity for those needing inspiration, these dense buds also provide potential medical benefits for those living with anxiety and related conditions. The happiness-inducing, stress-relieving qualities of these strains can help relieve the symptoms of such disorders in both severity and longevity.

Additionally, this is a feminized strain that may provide benefit for those who are struggling with insomnia. After the happy buzz comes the chilled high, perfect for drifting into a calm and deep sleep and potentially aiding with staying asleep through the night, too.

How to Grow Bruce Lemon Diesel Strain Seeds

A generous strain, Bruce Lemon Diesel cannabis seeds are great for personal and commercial growers, with large, hard buds growing in a flowering time of as little as 10 weeks from germination (for indoor growers).

With sturdy plants that resist mites, mildew, and cold weather well, outdoor and greenhouse growers should find this strain easy to grow. With plants rarely passing the 1.5m mark and not growing too leafy, this hybrid doesn’t take up too much space and still rewards you with an excellent yield!

How to Grow Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel Strain Seeds

There is also an autoflowering version of these feminized seeds, which take an extra week to grow and offer slightly less in terms of yield but are incredibly easy to cultivate.

Perfect for beginner growers or those with limited time for pruning and light changes, Bruce Lemon Diesel autoflower marijuana seeds provide the same excellent buds, with a fraction of the effort!