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Northern Lights #5 x Haze 1

by Dutch Passion

Also known as Hempstar, Brainstorm from Dutch Passion is a 60/40 indica dominant strain that also has the wonderful, citrusy aroma of her Haze parent. A potent and long-lasting high, but without a whopping THC ratio (14% average), she is good for social activities. Popular with growers for producing Haze-like effects in a relatively short grow period.

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Brainstorm Strain Genetics

A potent combination of Northern Lights #5 x an original 100% Haze, Brainstorm was originally cultivated by Dutch Passion in 1998 before undergoing further improvement in 2006 to stabilise the phenotype. This happy go lucky strain mixes the high yields of the dominant indica, Northern Lights, with the wonderful aroma and potent high of the Haze.

Brainstorm Strain Terpene Profile

The Haze is strong with this one: a clean, fresh aroma gives way to an intense and citrusy flavor, probably thanks to plenty of the terpene Limonene in the mix. Smooth on the tongue and gentle on your throat, it shouldn’t leave you coughing.

Brainstorm Strain Effects

Still very hazey, baby. Brainstorm produces a powerful cerebral high that makes you want to get active and creative. Long lasting and quick to kick in, it is good for socializing. Of course, the powerful indica here gives a nice, strong and tingly body buzz, which should complete your all-round sense of well-being.

Medical Benefits Brainstorm Strain

The moderate but still clearly indica body-high produced by Brainstorm may be good for chronic pain patients or those in need of relaxing aching and tired muscles. If you want that kind of classic indica high, but don’t appreciate feeling completely stoned out of your gourd then Brainstorm is probably a good option; you can still have the physical effect while enjoying the Haze-like cerebral high that comes to boot. With up to 0.1% CBN she may also provide some benefit to medical users with spasmodic conditions.

How to Grow Brainstorm Seeds

Brainstorm from Dutch Passion is a sturdy plant, that usually grows not much over a meter indoors (though outdoors can be much higher). Her enormous colas turn light pink during flowering and can lead to a very high yield.

This strain may well be popular with those looking to grow a stealthy urban crop, as she gives off very little odor. If you don’t dig using chemical nutrients, Brainstorm is said to respond well to molasses, which will amp up the frost on the already frosty buds; also said to be a good one for cloning.