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Grape L.A. x Super Silver Haze x Sorbet

by DNA Genetics

Offering three delicious flavours for the price one, Triple Scoop is an indulgent indica-dominant dessert strain from DNA Genetics Seeds with an uncompromising ice-cream flavour and luxuriant psychoactive impact.  

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Triple Scoop Strain Genetics

Crafted with expertise by the master breeders at DNA Genetics, Triple Scoop cannabis seeds join the seed company’s Sorbet collection and blend DNA from two of its own creations with an old school phenotype from the cannabis hall of fame. 

Triple Scoop strain lineage can be traced to Grape L.A., Super Silver Haze, and Sorbet. This three-way mix makes for a formidable and flavoursome combination, the individual profiles of its parent strains intertwining to give this hybrid a delicious tutti-frutti taste and intoxicating indica-dominant impact.  

Triple Scoop Strain Terpene Profile

Triple Scoop flavour and aroma benefit from each of its parent plants’ unique terpene profiles because why settle for one flavour when you can have three? While Grape L.A. provides sweet and earthy kush notes with hints of rich coffee, SSH contributes spice, skunk, and citrus flavours, which pair wonderfully with the creamy fruitiness of Sorbet.

Triple Scoop dominant terpenes include myrcene and caryophyllene, but other monoterpenes like terpinolene and linalool also play a part in defining its intense taste and aroma. Fans of dessert strains take note; one taste of this Super Silver x Grape L.A. x Sorbet mashup and you’ll be hooked! 

Triple Scoop Strain Effects

Triple Scoop effects are mostly indica-dominant but by no means exclusively so. Its Super Silver Haze parent is a potent sativa strain and lends its descendent a similar uplifting impact that’ll leave users feeling happy and creatively inspired for hours. When its physical effects eventually kick in, they come with full force, promoting relaxation and a sense of calm serenity.

With three THC dominant ancestors, it’s hardly surprising that Triple Scoop THC level is higher than average. Grape L.A.’s levels alone can reach as high as 30%, making this feminized heavyweight a no-go for novice consumers and even heavy users may find their tolerance tested by its pronounced effects.

Triple Scoop Medical Benefits

The same terps responsible for the strain’s delicious flavours make Triple Scoop medical seeds ideal for therapeutic use. Their calming qualities come courtesy of myrcene, which has a long history of use as a sleep aid and can also help abate nervousness and anxiety. Limonene has similar properties and is known to improve the absorption of other terpenes, making this high THC, low CBD cultivar especially medically potent.  

Triple Scoop therapeutic benefits are maximised further by a phenomenon known as the entourage effect, whereby all of its active chemical compounds work together synergistically, complementing one another, and resulting in a more intense effect than if acting alone. 

How to Grow Triple Scoop Strain

Producing medium/tall plants with a similar green and purple colouration to Sorbet, this hardy and resin-rich cultivar makes a beautiful addition to any garden. Mould resistances and a hardy indica heritage make growing Triple Scoop seeds simple and, whether you prefer indoor or outdoor cultivation, healthy yields averaging 450-500g/m2 are easily achievable with minimum effort.

Available as feminized seeds, Triple Scoop flowering time of 8-9 weeks from germination ensures a quick and painless process so whether you’re a first-time grower or seasoned connoisseurs looking for the newest taste sensation, you can’t go wrong with this dynamic cannabis hybrid.