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Tangie x Chocolope

by DNA Genetics

Tangilope is an award-winning, sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain from Cannabis Cup regulars, DNA Genetics Seeds. Created using in-house genetics, Tangilope offers heavy buds with a stunning mix of greens and a fruity, chocolate-tinged flavour while the buzz from this legendary marijuana strain delivers an intense, uplifting burst of euphoria.

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Tangilope Strain Genetics

Tangilope feminised cannabis seeds are the product of two much-loved DNA Genetics strains, both available at our ever-growing seed bank, the citrus heavy Tangie (a Skunk descendant) and the chocolate, coffee, creamy Chocolope (rich with Thai and Haze genetics). The diverse Tangilope lineage guarantees a phenomenal flavour profile, but there’s more than that going on in this heritage.

A decent THC content (between 15% and 20%) and a quick flowering time are part of the inherited traits, as is a robust terpene profile and a potent, uplifting high.

Tangilope Strain Terpene Profile

The intriguing Tangilope flavours are produced in the main by the terpene profile of this cannabis strain, another factor to be grateful to the parent strains for! The Tangilope abundant terpenes are headlined by myrcene, the cause of that Kush and Skunk-style, herby aroma that dominates on exhale.

Sativa lovers will adore the creamy, coffee side of the flavours that come via a blend of caryophyllene, a spicy terpene, and the pine-heavy pinene, while the heavy dose of citrus-fruits that lingers in the throat after the inhale is provided by limonene.

Tangilope Strain Effects

Tangilope has an uplifting, borderline euphoric buzz that affects not only the brain but also the body, expect an energy boost from this Tangie x Chocolope strain. Creative sensations may fill the mind too, making this an excellent option for a daytime strain, especially if you are planning a day of artistic endeavours. 

A general sense of happiness dominates the effects here, lifting mood and energy levels, before finishing with a calming sense of chill that should have you feeling ready for a long night’s sleep punctuated by some psychedelic dreams!.

Tangilope Strain Medical Benefits

With a lot of positive and very few downsides (people occasionally report dry mouth but that’s about it), Tangilope medical benefits are widely reported by consumers. The primary potential assistance here is in alleviating symptoms of depression. Mood, energy, and focus all may be improved by the terpene profile and high Tangilope THC level.

Additionally, the effects and symptoms of anxiety may also be relieved and reduced by the combination of limonene and pinene within this sativa hybrid marijuana strain, potentially aiding sleep and general relaxation for those living with anxiety-related conditions.

How to Grow Tangilope Strain Seeds

As a heavily sativa-dominant cannabis strain (both Tangie and Chocolope lean far more towards sativa the indica) Tangilope’s flowering time is surprisingly quick, at around 9 weeks from germination with the plants not growing as leafy or as tall as you might expect. As a result, growing these Tangilope feminized cannabis seeds is pleasingly simple, even for beginner growers.

Tangilope yields should impress too, approaching 550g/m2 indoors despite the short flowering time. Outdoor and greenhouse gardeners will be treated well by these marijuana seeds too, with a high yield of colourful green and orange citrus buds ready in early October in most cases. Expect a sweet and fruity blend of smells to tickle your nostrils at harvest time with this award-winning legend.