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Heirloom Swiss Strawberry x Sorbet

by DNA Genetics

A new addition to DNA Genetics’ Sorbet collection, Strawberry Sorbet is an unusual indica-leaning cannabis hybrid with a delicious candy taste and pleasing pacifying effects that have been custom bred for stressed-out sweet tooths.  

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Strawberry Sorbet Strain Genetics

Founded in Amsterdam over 13 years ago, DNA Genetics seeds are globally recognised for their high-quality cannabis hybrids, and their Sorbet line is prized for its delicious flavours and pairs their iconic ice cream strain with a variety of distinctive partners.

Strawberry Sorbet lineage is an especially unusual cultivar. This high THC, low CBD hybrid gains its fruity flavour, along with potent growth genetics, from Heirloom Swiss Strawberry, an indica dominant Erdbeer cross from the master breeders at Green Hornet. Joined by Sorbet, a mysterious strain from DNA Genetics seed bank that’s believed to be a phenotype of Sunset Sherbert, this candied combination makes Strawberry Sorbet cannabis seeds a joy to cultivate and a treat for all the senses.

Strawberry Sorbet Strain Terpene Profile

Fruit lovers are going to fall in love with this flavoursome dessert strain. Strawberry Sorbet flavour, as its name suggests, bursts with the taste of fresh summer berries with skunky accents rounding out its sugary sweetness. Creamy tropical notes courtesy of Sorbet add an extra dimension to its sweet candy flavour profile, while subtle nuances of balsam and kush can also be detected in its pungent aroma. 

Many of the same chemical compounds that give fruits their sweet smell and flavour are also present in cannabis plants. Strawberry Sorbet dominant terpene is myrcene, a common aromatic that’s found in everything from wild thyme to mango, while the complementary scents of limonene, caryophyllene, and alpha-pinene also play an essential role in defining its olfactory impact.

Strawberry Sorbet Strain Effects

The balanced nature of cannabis hybrids makes them an increasingly popular choice in today’s market and ideal for those who favour a combination of both cerebral and physical effects. Strawberry Sorbet effects are mostly indica leaning and intensely relaxing; its myrcene content lending it a sedative and peaceful quality to wash your worries away. However, users will also experience an initial and uplifting euphoric hit; a carryover from its sativa forefathers.

It should be noted that Strawberry Sorbet THC content is high, with its Erbeer ancestor’s levels peaking around 22%, making it potentially too strong for novice users. We also recommend saving this strain for evening use unless your tolerance is especially high.

Strawberry Sorbet Medical Benefits

The medical potential of myrcene has been known for centuries. Plants rich in the compound have been used by countless cultures for their healing capabilities, and Strawberry Sorbet medical seeds can offer similar therapeutic effects. Studies suggest this primary terpene can improve sleep and help with treating muscle relaxation, making it ideal for curbing insomnia and reducing inflammation.

Myrcene also benefits from the entourage effect, increasing the activation of CB1 receptors in the body. This serves to increase the effectiveness of other chemicals that are found in cannabis and enhance Strawberry Sorbet medical benefits. 

How to Grow Strawberry Sorbet Strain

Sorbet and Swiss Strawberry both possess fantastic growth qualities. As such, growing Strawberry Sorbet is easy and a great choice for first-time growers. While perfectly suitable for greenhouse cultivation, mould resistances make these feminized seeds ideal for outdoor gardens. 

When grown properly, Strawberry Sorbet yields can reach 500-650 g/m2, and heavy feeding is recommended to boost these numbers to the maximum. Ready after 9 weeks from germination, Strawberry Sorbet offers a generous resin production while it has also inherited the luscious green and purple colouration of its Sorbet parent. 

A beautiful cultivar, the Strawberry Sorbet strain is ideal for concentrate creators or those simply after a rich crop of California-quality buds.