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Tangie x strawberry Banana

by DNA Genetics

The sativa-dominant hybrid, Strawberry Fields is one of the many jewels in the glimmering crown of seed company DNA Genetics. Coming via Crockett Family Farms, these feminised seeds produce a wonderful combination of sweet strawberry flavours with a sour tinge of citrus that ensures a truly remarkable flavour sensation.

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Strawberry Fields Strain Genetics

Strawberry Fields feminised marijuana seeds were created through an intriguing combination of strains, from one side comes Tangie (a revamp of connoisseur favourite Tangerine Dream blending California Orange and Skunk-1) and from the other comes Strawberry Banana, or Strawnana to its friends (Banana Kush x Bubblegum’s Strawberry pheno). As the names suggest, sweet and fruity comes from one side, while tangy and… well, also fruity comes from the other.

Combining OG Kush and Skunk descendants is never a bad idea, and the growing habits, flavours, and high have been passed down through the Strawberry Banana lineage to excellent effect. This rising star of a cannabis strain also boasts Strawberry Cough amongst its own famed children. 

Strawberry Fields Strain Terpene Profile

The sweet citrus Strawberry Fields flavours take everything great about its parent strains and add a little bit of its unique personality to ensure it isn’t just a clone of the strains that came before.

The full and flavoursome nature of this cannabis strain comes from the Strawberry Fields dominant terpenes, which include limonene (responsible for that tangy, citrus-fruit tickle on the inhale), myrcene (for those herbal, kush x skunk aromas) and pinene (forest-fresh on the lips on exhale. There’s also a hint of peppery spice here, thanks to another abundant terpene, caryophyllene.

Strawberry Fields Strain Effects

When you combine Kush and Skunk strains, you expect the effects to create a lovely balance of relaxed and happy, and that’s exactly what you get from Strawberry Fields, with the high THC content (up to over 20%) adding an uplifting, euphoric sensation to aid with a relaxed evening on the couch.

Sleepiness will come after a while, so don’t expect Strawberry Fields to work as a daytime strain, but for a chilled end of the day,  this hybrid strain from DNA Genetics is an ideal choice., allowing a couple of hours of serious relaxation before a night of deep sleep.

Strawberry Fields Strain Medical Benefits

The Strawberry Fields medical benefit potential, reminiscent of that of its parent strains, is mainly focused on the relief of stress and anxiety. Whether it’s just a little period of stress or a more long-term anxiety-related condition, the terpene combinations (especially limonene and pinene) are thought to relieve the impact of anxiety and stress symptoms.

The high THC content and mood-lifting effects of these Strawberry Fields medical seeds also give potential to assist in relieving the effects of depression in short and long-term sufferers, providing an uplifting sensation that may help mood, sleep, and more.

How to Grow Strawberry Fields Strain Seeds

Despite leaning more towards sativa, there are indica traits when growing Strawberry Fields cannabis seeds. Not least the Strawberry Fields flowering time, which can be as little as eight weeks and is unlikely to go past nine weeks for indoor gardeners.

Outdoors, these regular seeds should provide healthy plants by late-September in warm climates or greenhouses. Both indoors and outdoors growers will find the Strawberry Fields yields impressive, producing a good number of dense buds in dark green colours, punctuated by orange hairs, and coated in ice-white trichomes (perfect for concentrates). Disclaimer: The scent of tangy fruit will greet your nostrils early, so prepared to have your patience tested, even with such a fast flowering time.