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Sorbet x Sour Diesel

by DNA Genetics

From DNA Genetics’ Sorbet Collection comes the wonderful Sour Sorbet. An indica-leaning, hybrid cannabis strain with a terpene profile as rich as its lineage, you can expect a long-lasting, energizing, yet relaxing full body buzz from this high THC strain.

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Sour Sorbet Strain Genetics

As part of the Sorbet collection, one side of the Sour Sorbet lineage comes from Sorbet (a phenotype of GSC descendent Sunset Sherbert). The other branch of the family tree of Sour Sorbet marijuana seeds comes from a genuine legend, Sour Diesel (child of Chemdawg and Super Skunk and parent of a plethora of popular strains).

With Skunk, Chem, Cookies, and Kush strains all in the genetics, and only a slight lean to indica over sativa, there’s a broad mix of flavours, growing traits, and more to unlock in this enthralling marijuana strain.

Sour Sorbet Strain Terpene Profile

A rich and deep terpene profile is at play here, providing those unique Sour Sorbet aromas and flavours. From the tones of Chemdawg and Skunk in the genes of Sour Diesel to the Kush and Cookies in the genetics of Sorbet, expect herby, fruity, and petrol-tinged with a sour tang. 

The diesel and lemon flavour on inhaling and the sweet and creamy scents and tastes on exhale are provided by two of Sour Sorbet’s abundant terpenes, caryophyllene and limonene

A blend of classic and modern flavours, his myriad of tones is grounded by a vintage, earthy, herbal flavour and smell which is provided by common cannabis terpene, myrcene.

Sour Sorbet Strain Effects

Uplifting, energising, euphoric – These are all words that accurately describe the high created by Sour Sorbet, but none of them seems to quite do justice to the immense and incredible buzz. With a high Sour Sorbet THC level (around 20%-25%), Sour Sorbet is potent, but not anaesthetising, a creative, almost psychedelic sensation that is both rapid in its onset, and long lasting. 

There is an undertone of relaxation here, but more for the mind, leaving the body full of energy, making Sour Sorbet from DNA Genetics Seeds an ideal choice as a daytime strain as well as a great accompaniment to an evening spent with friends.

Sour Sorbet Strain Medical Benefits

The high THC level handed down from the parent strains gives potential Sour Sorbet medical benefits for those who live with chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia. Caryophyllene is also thought to bind to endocannabinoid receptors, potentially aiding in relieving pain and the symptoms of chronic pain.

Additionally, the combination of uplifted mood and boosted energy can also aid in alleviating the effects of stress on both mind and body. Possibly providing support for those times when life gets too much for us all, and giving that useful helping hand when required.

How to Grow Sour Sorbet Strain Seeds

DNA Genetics’ Sour Sorbet feminized seeds have perhaps the longest flowering time of all the DNA Sorbet Collection, with harvest indoors at a minimum of 9 weeks from germination and often as high as 10 or 11. However, that extra time is put to good use, allowing the Christmas tree-shaped, dense, resin-covered, sticky buds to develop into a truly spectacular plant. 

For outdoor growers, mid to late October is the expected harvest time, so unless you’re somewhere very warm, it is advisable to opt for a greenhouse when growing Sour Sorbet cannabis seeds. The Sour Sorbet yields are impressive, around 500g/m2 indoors and even more outdoors, with the nugs big and beefy, and covered in crystals (perfect for resin extraction).