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Sorbet x Headstash

by DNA Genetics

From the Sorbet Collection by DNA Genetics Seeds, Sorbet Stash feminized cannabis seeds grow into leafy plants with dense, resinous, and very sticky buds. An indica-dominant hybrid, Sorbet Stash is an excellent choice for beginner gardeners and promises a heady, chilled out buzz.

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Sorbet Stash Strain Genetics

As a part of the Sorbet collection, it’s no surprise that DNA Genetics’ Sorbet (assumed to be a Sunset Sherbert phenotype) is one half of the parentage of this cannabis strain. On the other side of the family tree is Headstash, a strain created by melding seed bank favourites including Girl Scout Cookies, Cherry Pie, Biker Kush, and more for an OG Kush rich blend of cup-winning forefathers.

Sorbet Stash marijuana seeds produce quite the flavour profile as a result of this colourful genetic background. The high THC content (over 20%) and uplifting and happy high are also inherited from the Sorbet Stash lineage.

Sorbet Stash Strain Terpene Profile

With GSC and OG Kush strong on both sides of the family tree, you can rest assured that there’ll be some sweet, fruity, and herbal tones to Sorbet Stash flavours and scents. That herbal kush aroma, leaning almost towards skunk, is provided by myrcene, just one of the Sorbet Stash dominant terpenes.

Also at play is the spicy, peppery terpene caryophyllene, which works alongside limonene, the citrus terpene, to provide that creamy, citrus blended sweet and sour flavour that lingers on the tongue long after exhale. The caryophyllene also delivers a slight petrol hint on the inhale, a nod to the Chemdawg in the Headstash side of the lineage.

Sorbet Stash Strain Effects

The effects offered by Sorbet Stash provide the perfect arc for a social evening after a long day at work. This fast-acting cannabis strain´s effects begin by delivering a happy, uplifting high that provides a welcome burst of cerebral energy. 

After this initial feeling of euphoria bordering on nirvana, a more relaxed sensation will follow thanks to the high Sorbet Stash THC level, a chilled, sleepy vibe that should last an hour or two before it’s time to head to bed and enjoy a dreamy, deep, and fulfilling sleep.

Sorbet Stash Strain Medical Benefits

The two parts of this buzz lend themselves to different potential Sorbet Stash medical benefits. Firstly, the initial uplifting sensation may aid with the relief of anxiety-related symptoms, lifting the spirits and calming the mind simultaneously thanks to the rich terpene profile.

The sleepiness created by the high THC level and caryophyllene combination (which also has the potential to relieve chronic pain symptoms) may also give Sorbet Stash medical seeds potential when it comes to assisting those struggling to sleep. The second phase of the effects may aid in falling asleep and in staying asleep, aiding those who might be suffering from insomnia. 

How to Grow Sorbet Stash Strain Seeds

There are no noticeable sativa traits in the growing behaviour of this indica-dominant strain, which means Sorbet Stash has a quick flowering time (as little as 8 weeks from germination) and needs little work from the grower, so you don’t need to be a hardened seedsman. 

Plants shouldn’t grow too tall or too leafy, so only occasional pruning is necessary, and beyond the odd light change, that’s all that needed. You’ll be rewarded richly for your minimal effort too, with a Sorbet Stash yield of around 500g/m2 for indoor gardeners.

When growing Sorbet Stash feminized seeds outside or in greenhouses, an early October harvest can be expected, again with a high yield of dense, frosty, sticky buds that will inform you of their readiness with a blend of intense aromas.