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Sorbet x Gorilla Glue #4

by DNA Genetics

From DNA Genetics Sorbet Collection, Sorbet #4 is an indica-leaning hybrid with some big names in its genetic background. Available as feminized seeds only, this wonderful strain offers large, resinous buds with stunning colours and a hard-hitting high courtesy of a potently high THC content.

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Sorbet #4 Strain Genetics

The Sorbet #4 lineage is prestigious, a cross of DNA’s Sorbet, a Sunset Sherbert pheno, and the couch-lock master and multi-time award-winning legend Gorilla Glue #4 (GG4). That’s some serious parentage, and these Sorbet #4 marijuana seeds are a fast-flowering, high-yielding chip off the old block.

Expect a potent, hard-hitting buzz reminiscent of Gorilla Glue, with the sweet and creamy joy of Sorbet, all tied up in a tempting herbal package in the shape of these feminised cannabis seeds from the DNA Genetics seed company.

Sorbet #4 Strain Terpene Profile

The sweet, creamy, fruity scents of Sorbet are in full effect in its offspring, with the Sorbet #4 flavours being a little more grounded thanks to the earthy, diesel-edged tones of the GG4. It is the Sorbet #4 abundant terpenes that provide this fascinating mix of aroma and taste.

The dominant terpenes present in this hybrid strain are limonene (fruity) and caryophyllene) peppery) which add to both the sweet and fruity flavours, and the pungent kick of Diesel strains, while the earthy, herby undertone is provided by the most common of all the cannabis terpenes, myrcene.

Sorbet #4 Strain Effects

The Sorbet #4 THC level is high and impactful, inheriting a little of that couchlock that is passed down from Gorilla Glue #4. This full-body relaxation is joined by the uplifting, heady high of Sunset Sherbert that is, in turn, handed down through the Girl Scout Cookies genetics in that strain’s lineage.

The result is a gorgeous combination of happiness and pure chill, an excellent way to end a day. A little goes a long way here as the sedating effects of this cannabis strain can be enjoyed with a minimal dosage. 

Be warned though, a little too much of this tasty Sorbet and you could find your pillow calling you a little faster than you might have intended. 

Sorbet #4 Strain Medical Benefits

The sleepiness that is created by this feminized strain plays into the Sorbet #4 medical benefits, with the potential to aid the sleeping patterns of those living with insomnia and other sleep-related conditions.

Additionally, Sorbet #4 medical seeds can aid in the reduction of symptoms of depression, the combination of caryophyllene and THC work with the body’s endocannabinoid system which helps to control mood, while limonene has a history of folk medicine use for depression and anxiety. Myrcene, in turn, may also act as a regulator and enhance the mood-improving potential of the other terpenes contained within these feminized marijuana seeds.

How to Grow Sorbet #4 Strain Seeds

Sorbet #4 is not the easiest strain to grow and is recommended mainly for experienced growers. However, the hard-work necessary pays off thanks to the Sorbet #4 yields, which can offer over 500g/m2 for indoor growth. Secondary branches and expansive spreading are possible when growing Sorbet #4 seeds (sativa traits from the family tree) so pruning, trimming, and general care may need to be ongoing.

For indoor gardeners, this process shouldn’t last long as these cannabis seeds should be ready to go within 9-11 weeks of germination. The Sorbet #4 growing time for outdoor and greenhouse growers should see the plants ready to go in early to mid-October. 

Come harvest time, expect long, dense buds, wearing a fabulous coat of resinous trichomes, providing a frosty glaze to the vibrant green, purple, and orange nugs.