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For a powerfully purple plant that’s entirely on the level, try Purple Kosher from DNA Genetics – a visually striking and delicious tasting indica-dominant hybrid you can rely on no matter what occasion.

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Purple Kosher Strain Genetics

The DNA Genetics seed company designed Purple Kosher cannabis seeds lineage to be suitable for all requirements, whether you’re seeking high yields, great taste and effects, or simply a cannabinoid-rich strain that kills in the looks department. Blending two legends in the shape of Kosher Kush and Purple Kush, it’s a quick-flowering, easy-growing, indica-dominant pheno with unrivalled bag appeal and a must for cultivators looking for an afghan plant that offers a little bit of everything.

Expect beautiful colour shades, a sweet and earthy kush taste, and powerful pain-numbing effects from this purple powerhouse. Now available from MGS as feminised seeds, why not upgrade your cannabis garden with this imposing and aesthetically pleasing plant?

Purple Kosher Strain Terpene Profile

Kush fiends rejoice because Purple Kosher flavour and aroma combine all the finest attributes of the classic OG Kush taste but with a slightly sweeter edge. Earthy and pungent but with a lemony sweetness, pine, skunk, and diesel notes, its unique take on the winning formula is a must-try for flavour hunters looking for that Cali connection and for fans of the iconic West Coast taste.

As with most kush strains, Purple Kosher dominant terpenes are myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene. Other terps like alpha-pinene and humulene also contribute, but it’s primarily these three compounds that create the earthy flavour that’s renowned throughout the marijuana world. 

Purple Kosher Strain Effects

Purple Kosher effects are mainly physical owing to its strong indica-dominant genetics. However, as a hybrid plant, it does feature some sativa DNA, and users will experience a slight euphoric lift upon initial consumption. As time wears on, a deep full-bodied sense of relaxation will take hold, wiping away those tired feelings of stress and ending with a sedative crescendo that’s powerful enough for medical use.

The DNA Genetics seedbank hasn’t released data regarding Purple Kosher´s THC content, but its rich pedigree suggests a level in the mid-high 20s. Benefiting from the powerful influence of its Kosher Kush parent, it should be consumed in moderation and avoided during daytime hours so that its heavy sedative effects don’t interrupt your schedule.

Purple Kosher Strain Medical Benefits

If you’re looking for a natural and highly effective method of pain management, consider this Kosher Kush x Purple Kush blend as an alternative to over-the-counter treatments. Its deep, physically-focused effects not only have an active influence on pain receptors in the body but can help distract the mind from thoughts of pain and discomfort. In addition to its high THC presence, high levels of caryophyllene give Purple Kosher medical seeds an extra level of anti-inflammatory protection that can potentially aid the healing process.

Sleep is an essential part of staying healthy, especially when recovering from an injury. Purple Kosher’s medical potential could be of use if you’re struggling to maintain a regular sleep pattern because its strong sedative effects are pharmaceutical grade. 

Myrcene plays an essential role in this aspect of its psychoactive profile, as well as THC content, and together, these compounds make this knockout indica strain an excellent choice for patients with insomnia.

How to Grow Purple Kosher Strain

Growing Purple Kosher marijuana seeds is a simple process with big rewards at the end. They’ll thrive indoors or outdoors if you live in a warm environment similar to their original Emerald Triangle come, and the squat and chunky indica growth pattern of the plants they produce makes them ideal for SCROG and SOG setups. Under normal conditions, Purple Kosher yields are around 350 g/m2, which is decent, but with room for potential improvement. 

The vibrant green and deep purple nugs this plant provides are one of its most significant selling points, so consider yield-boosting techniques like these to ensure you maximise this seed´s enormous potential. 

Purple Kosher cannabis seeds’ flowering time is fast for a feminized photoperiod pheno and almost as quick as an autoflowering strain. After eight-nine weeks from germination, you’ll be treated to a crystal-coated crop of beautiful dark-shaded flowers. It’s also worth considering using this plant for making concentrates due to its fantastic flavour and high resin content.