Buy Martian Mean Green strain seeds

G13 Haze x Sharksbreath

by DNA Genetics

A combination of the legendary G13 and Sharksbreath, Martian Mean Green is a classic DNA Genetics hybrid strain with a remarkably pungent aroma. With uniquely formed buds and a tantalising flavour profile, Martian Mean Green is a truly unique cannabis hybrid.

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Martian Mean Green Strain Genetics

Martian Mean Green is a cross between G13 Haze and the weirdly named strain Sharksbreath. The result is an equally weird and unique strain that shows some peculiar traits, both in aroma and in the way the buds look just before harvest.    

Martian Mean Green Strain Terpene Profile

One of the distinct traits of Martian Mean Green is its extremely pungent aroma. It has a very potent, sweet floral and citrus scent that is combined with the typical pine forest smell it gets from its Haze lineage and the presence of the terpene pinene.  

Martian Mean Green Strain Effects

Martian Mean Green is a sativa-leaning hybrid. This means it could be ideal to help get your day started with a positive and productive mindset while your body feels good and relaxed. It is also a great strain to start your workout routine!

Medical Benefits Martian Mean Green Strain

According to medical cannabis users, Martian Mean Green is best used to combat the symptoms of mental and physical stress by lifting mood and helping to relieve or reduce worries and depressing thoughts. Martian Mean Green is also said to aid with tension in the muscles and joints.

How to Grow Martian Mean Green Strain

Available to buy as feminized seeds, the maturing period of Martian Mean Green depends highly on the specific phenotype each individual plant expresses. Some plants will be ready for harvest around nine weeks, while others might need 10 or even 12 weeks to reach maturity.

This makes it a strain that is better suited for those who know exactly what to look for. One other unique growth characteristic Martian Mean Green has, are the distinct pistils or hairs on the flowers. These are extraordinarily straight and enlarged, giving the buds an alien appearance, hence the name.