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Mean Martian Green x OG #18

by DNA Genetics

This indica-dominant hybrid is an exotic combination of Martian Mean Green and The OG #18. DNA Genetics did a fantastic job in breeding these two strains, resulting in a out-of-this-world Martian Kush!

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Martian Kush Strain Genetics

Originally produced in the Netherlands by DNA Genetics, Martian Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid cross between two of DNA Genetics’ popular and award-winning strains, Mean Martian Green, and The OG #18.

Martian Kush Strain Terpene Profile

Martian Kush combines the strong earthy, pine-like aroma which is the trademark scent of The OG #18, with the citrus / fruity aroma that is dominant in Mean Martian Green. If you are a fan of this flavour mix, then Martian Kush is for you.

Upon inhaling, it produces a mouthful of damp earth and pine flavour, with a noticeable hint of citrus upon exhalation.

Martian Kush Strain Effects

Martian Kush produces an immediate strong euphoric feeling, before transitioning to a stoned, heavy-headed sensation. Its high THC content produces a particularly long-lasting effect, however, it will not dull you or make you lazy, as its uplifting properties are strong enough.

As such, you will find out that you have enough energy to go about your daily routine, without the feeling of stress lurking in the background.

Medical Benefits Martian Kush Strain

Being an indica-dominant strain with some sativa characteristics, Martian Kush has the potential to be used as a pain relief strain, while it may relieve symptoms of
depression and anxiety as well.

Users have reported consuming Martian Kush to deal with physical conditions such as chronic pain, muscle spasms, and lack of appetite. Users who have reported they wish to enjoy the medical benefits of a sativa such as coping with stress and anxiety recommend this strain, as its hybrid nature diminishes the chances of any hyper-stimulation.

How to Grow Martian Kush

Available in feminized seeds, Martian Green is a force of nature. It grows in either indoor or outdoor conditions, reaches tall heights, and produces significant yield! What more do you want?

Its hybrid nature helps it retain a structure which grows uniformly, creating big buds with sugar-coated resinous trichomes. This is perfect for anyone out there looking for a good strain for concentrates.

Although Martian Kush is an indica leaning hybrid, this strain reaches a considerable height. If space is an issue, consider initiating the flowering phase as soon as possible after germination, as well as pinching the plant.