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Martian Mean Green x LA Confidential

by DNA Genetics

Named after the legendary song by The Doors, this evenly balanced hybrid offers a strong taste and long-lasting effects. Easy to grow, with a number of medical benefits attributed to it, LA Woman is a truly impressive hybrid strain.

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LA Woman Strain Genetics

Created by DNA Genetics, LA Woman is a cross between award-winning strains Martian Mean Green and LA Confidential. Being the product of a sativa dominant strain and a classic indica, this strain meets them right in the middle, offering the best of both worlds.

LA Woman Strain Terpene Profile

The flowers of LA Woman produce a sweet and earthy aroma. Its heavy indica genetics release the characteristic pungent smell usually associated with the Afghani strain, while hints of flowers and diesel are also noticeable when the bud is ground.

LA Woman Strain Effects

Despite its evenly balanced genetics, LA Woman mostly hits you like an indica. It releases an immediate cerebral feeling by stimulating mental and creative capacities, followed by a body-high which makes your eyelids feel heavy. Recommended for the early evening, LA Woman is the perfect company for a night of long conversations and movies with friends.

LA Woman Strain Medical Benefits

This stain may be used to alleviate a number of different symptoms as it has excellent medicinal properties. People report using LA Woman to treat chronic pain, as well as to stimulate their appetite.

LA Woman may also be used to reduce stress. It contains rich anti-inflammatory properties, therefore this strain is popular among users who wish to use it to alleviate internal inflammation or sports injuries.

How to Grow LA Woman Strain

LA woman grows in both indoor and outdoor conditions. It’s ideally suited for growers with some experience, as it is moderately difficult to cultivate. She grows with limited side branching and usually reaches short/medium heights. Big leaves are one of the most noticeable characteristics of the plant despite its mostly indica structure.

It has been noted that some growers remove many of these big leaves during its flowering time to allow the buds to absorb more nutrients. Occasional orange hair is visible on the buds, usually accompanied by a sugar-coating of crystals, making this plant very pleasurable to look at.