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LA Confidential x Chocolope

by DNA Genetics

Brought to you by DNA Genetics, LA Chocolat is a powerful indica-leaning hybrid strain. The Child of two legends in the shape of LA Confidential and Chocolope, La Chocolat delivers potent yet well-balanced cerebral effects.

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LA Chocolat Strain Genetics

LA Chocolat is the product of two very popular strains. DNA Genetics really outdid themselves by combining one most loved indicas, LA Confidential, with the all-time classic sativa – Chocolope. The result? A 60/40 indica-dominant strain that will blow your mind!

LA Chocola Terpene Profile 

LA Chocolat offers a sweet aroma with traces of chocolate and coffee. Its strong lineage makes this a ‘must try’ strain, as the fragrance of this strain is indeed unique. It generates a sweet and pine-like aroma, inherited from its Chocolate Thai roots, in combination with a distinctive pine/woody taste, which is a trademark of LA Confidential. Cannabis enthusiasts who are seeking a strain with lots of history in its flavour should look no further!

LA Chocolat Effects

Don’t let the name fool you; this strain is no candy. LA Chocolat can have a THC content of 20-28%, making it a potent and powerful strain. LA Chocolat hits you almost instantly. Its effects are noticeable, firstly by an immediate mood-lifting cerebral-high, followed by a gradual mellow body-high. Although its sativa characteristics are quite evident, this strain is not recommended for your day-to-day activities. It combines functionality with relaxation to a great extent, but the potentially high potency should be taken into account. It might be too overwhelming to be productive during the day.

LA Chocolat Medical Benefits

LA Chocolat may be applied to treat certain medical conditions. Users who suffer from loss of appetite have reported consuming the strain to help them eat more, while its anti-inflammatory properties have been noted to be beneficial for treating muscle and joint aches. Its sativa traits are useful for those seeking an immediate euphoric feeling, to help them deal with day-to-day anxiety problems and stress.

 How to Grow LA Chocolat

DNA Genetics has put considerable effort in adjusting the growing characteristics of LA Chocolat in relation to its parents. This is evident by the considerable yield which LA Chocolat offers in combination with its flowering cycle. This strain grows in both indoor or outdoor conditions and produces thick buds with occasional orange hair. The leaves are long and thin while it grows to a moderate height – evidence of its sativa lineage.