Buy Kosher Sorbet strain seeds

Kosher Kush x Sorbet

by DNA Genetics

Covered in so much resin it looks like an ice-covered herbal mountain, DNA Genetics’ Kosher Sorbet looks almost as good as it tastes, almost! Easy to grow and durable, this high yielding, indica-dominant hybrid strain is a perfect choice for the novice grower.

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Kosher Sorbet Strain Genetics

Kosher Sorbet marijuana seeds are the product of blending one of DNA Genetics’ most popular strains, the multi-time Cannabis Cup winning Kosher Kush, with another of their favourite strains, the sweet and fruity Sorbet (thought to be a phenotype of Sunset Sherbert).

Passed down in the Kosher Sorbet lineage from its impressive parent strains are big buds, a high THC content, and a fast flowering time, as well as a plethora of tantalising flavours and tempting aromas mixing the earthy, piney tones of its OG Kush descendants with the sweeter, fruitier vibe of Sorbet.

Kosher Sorbet Strain Terpene Profile

The Sorbet blend takes the lead when it comes to the Kosher Sorbet flavours and aromas, but that isn’t to say the Kosher Kush taste is left behind, the mix of these two strains results in an enchanting and invigorating flavour blend, thanks to the Kosher Sorbet dominant terpenes.

Caryophyllene and limonene do the lion’s share of the legwork here, combining peppery and citrus fruit flavours with the sweetening touch of the expansive trichome coverage to create a fruity, sweet, creamy flavour. Also present here are myrcene, providing that earthy flavour, while the flavours of the forest are continued by the fresh, piney hints of pinene, especially on the exhale.

Kosher Sorbet Strain Effects

If you’re looking for a cannabis strain that’ll send you to sleep with a smile on your face, then this Kosher Kush x Sorbet strain is the choice you’ve been searching for! This isn’t a knock-out strain, however, there are some other effects to enjoy first from this feminized hybrid offering. A dose of happy, focused euphoria will come first, a cerebral buzz conducive with creative ideas (not so much with their execution, save that for the morning!).

After these effects, the heady, sleepy high of Kosher Sorbet’s high THC level (well over 20%) will come into full effect, relaxing the mind and body, and preparing you for one of the best night’s sleep you may have ever had, prepare for some vivid and uplifting dreams too!

Kosher Sorbet Strain Medical Benefits

The Kosher Sorbet medical benefits align with the effects of this strain from the DNA Genetics seed company, with the sleepiness-inducing buzz providing a potential tool for those living with insomnia and other conditions that may make sleep difficult. This marijuana strain provides support with staying asleep and can be very helpful when it comes to falling asleep.

The parent strains of Kosher Sorbet medical seeds have also been reported to aid reduce symptoms of chronic pain, anxiety and stress-related issues. Both short-term and elongated periods of anxiety and stress may be at least partially alleviated by the combination of limonene, pinene, and THC present in this strain.

How to Grow Kosher Sorbet Strain Seeds

Easy to grow and highly durable, it is important to know that Kosher Sorbet is ideally suited for a warm, dry climate. If you don’t have this kind of weather, you should consider a greenhouse when growing this DNA Genetics delight.

Kosher Sorbet´s flowering time is typically around nine weeks from germination for indoor growers, and they should be an easy nine weeks with very little effort required, even for less experienced growers thanks to this strains impressive durability and pest resistance. When growing Kosher Sorbet seeds outdoors, harvest time should fall around mid-October.

Leaning far more towards their indica inheritance than sativa in terms of growing traits, these feminised cannabis seeds shouldn’t grow too leafy or tall, and the Kosher Sorbet yields up to 500g/m2 of medium-sized, dense, resinous, green and purple buds.