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JJ's Stardawg x DNA Kosher Kush

by DNA Genetics

Kosher Dawg AKA Hebrew National is one of DNA Genetics’ proudest creations. A high-yielding, indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain characterized by a busy terpene profile, Kosher Dawg offers a flavour explosion and a relaxed yet euphoric buzz.

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Kosher Dawg Strain Genetics

Kosher Dawg’s lineage is as fascinating as it is impressive. On one side, you have a seed bank favourite, the famous DNA Kosher Kush, known as one of the most pungent of the entire OG Kush family tree. On the other side you have JJ’s Stardawg, a child of California’s Chemdawg 4, so named for the coat of trichomes that cover the buds, reminiscent of stars in a night sky.

Fair to say that’s some serious heritage that these Kosher Dawg marijuana seeds are packing, ensuring a powerful punch, astounding Kush x Diesel aroma, and a high yield of crystalized buds to boot!

Kosher Dawg Strain Terpene Profile

Usually, when a Chemdawg descendant is in the blood of a cannabis strain, the petrol scents are dominant above all else. However, that is not quite the case here, with the Kosher Kush genes fighting hard to ensure there’s more than a little Kush characteristic in here too. The Kosher Dawg flavours and scents are primarily due to the terpenes at play within this marijuana strain.

Of course, the gassy, petrol, slightly fruity scents (bringing citrus and guava to the fore) of the Chemdawg in the lineage of Stardawg are present here, thanks to a combination of limonene and caryophyllene. However, the herbal power of Kush can be felt, especially on the inhale, and that’s due to myrcene being among the Kosher Dawg abundant terpenes. There’s also a hint of pine in the exhale, showing that another terpene, pinene, is also at play.

Kosher Dawg Strain Effects

A high THC, low CBD strain, Kosher Dawg’s effects are most notable for the full-body dose of euphoric relaxation that hits hard and fast, in the best way. This fast-acting feminized cannabis strain wraps you in its arms quickly and holds you tight for a long time.

How this relaxing, uplifting combination affects you as the evening goes on can alternate: You may find focus and creativity wins out, offering the perfect mood for generating ideas (although you may have to wait until tomorrow to take action on them!). However, the buzz from this cross of JJ’s Stardawg and Kosher Kush may lead the other way, taking you to a place where a night of deep and beautiful sleep is immediately forthcoming. 

All in all, this is an indica-dominant delight that offers well-rounded and pleasant effects that should satisfy lovers of all hybrids.

Kosher Dawg Strain Medical Benefits

Another potential effect also lends itself to Kosher Dawg’s medical benefits. This strain can lead to a feeling of intense hunger, which can be very useful for those who are living with a lack of appetite, whether following an operation or for any other reason.

Another widely reported positive outcome from the use of Kosher Dawg medical seeds is the relief of muscle spasms. By relaxing the body, the high THC content (up to around 25%) works together with the terpenes to calm the muscles, and stop spasms related to sports injuries, chronic pain conditions, and more.

How to Grow Kosher Dawg Strain Seeds

Due to leaning heavily towards indica as opposed to sativa, growing Kosher Dawg seeds is pretty easy, even for the novice gardener. The Kosher Dawg flowering time is around nine weeks for indoor growers, it’s possible you may have to wait 11 weeks from germination, but this isn’t frequent. These Cannabis Cup award-winning feminized cannabis seeds grow well outdoors too, especially in greenhouses or warm climates. Outdoor growers can expect results around Mid-October.

Coated with heavy and dense buds, the Kosher Dawg yield is remarkably high, as much as 650g/m2 indoors. These amazing plants will grow tall, so ensure you have space and be prepared to trim a little if they get a little on the leafy side. 

A pungently fruity, piney strain, Kosher Dawg rewards patient growers with stunning, resin-coated buds