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Kosher Kush x Girl Scout Cookies

by DNA Genetics

Kosher Cookies, an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain, is a brand-new offering from DNA Genetics (via Crockett Family Farms) that’s already catching a lot of attention with cannabis aficionados. With genetics to die for, big buds and sparkling crystal trichomes, Kosher Cookies is a genuine star in the making.

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Kosher Cookies Strain Genetics

Kosher Cookies has the cannabis cup award-winning genetics you might expect, combining the epic Amsterdam strain Kosher Kush (a potent descendant of OG Kush and two time High Times Cannabis Cup winner for Indica strain of the year) and the California legend that is the unmistakable Girl Scout Cookies. The Kosher Cookies lineage is basically a dream combination of seed bank favourites, blending Kush and Cali Cookies flavours and traits to create fast flowering cannabis seeds that develop into durable, high yielding plants.

An impressive terpene profile has also been handed down to Kosher Cookies marijuana seeds, as has its impressively high THC content (up above 20%).

Kosher Cookies Strain Terpene Profile

The Kosher Cookies flavours and aromas are reminiscent of this heavily indica-leaning strain’s fruit lineage, but there’s more than a little unique personality here. The intriguing cacophony of tastes and smells comes as a result of Kosher Cookies exciting terpene profile. 

Above all else comes a peppery tingle on the tip of the tongue on exhale thanks to caryophyllene, the spicy terpene, which ensures there’s a bit of a kick to Kosher Cookies. Softening this spicy sensation are the smooth, forest pine notes of pinene and the tangy, lemon-fresh fruity overtones of limonene, both of which caress the throat on the inhale, and the nostrils on the exhale, while the skunk-tinted undertone is provided by myrcene, the classic cannabis terpene.

Kosher Cookies Strain Effects

The Kosher Cookies high is intriguing, as it starts one way for most people, but can wander in different directions after that, all of which are lovely! You will at first feel a full-body, intense sensation of happy relaxation, that classic Kush buzz that we all know and love, turned up to 11 thanks to the Kosher Cookies THC level.

Once you’re comfortable (which you will be more or less immediately with this fast-acting strain), you’ll then go one of two ways, either into a world of uplifting euphoric creativity, with giggly, tangent-heavy conversation guaranteed, or into a chilled vibe that may well send you off to sleep. Both are equally enjoyable, but due to the sleep-inducing potential, it’s best to reserve Kosher Cookies for days off or as an evening strain.

Kosher Cookies Strain Medical Benefits

The Kosher Cookies strain potential medical benefits are handed down from GSC and Kosher Kush, both of which are well-known strains that can be used to combat stress-relief. With its high THC level and high caryophyllene, limonene, and pinene content (all of which are thought to aid with a reduction in stress levels) the bud has not fallen far from the tree with Kosher Cookies!

An additional perk of Kosher Cookies medical seeds is the possibility that this strain may aid those living with insomnia. Thanks to the THC levels and relaxing effects of this Kosher Kush x GSC strain, it can help with both calming the mind as night closes in, and providing support both with falling asleep and, equally importantly, staying asleep.

How to Grow Kosher Cookies Strain Seeds

The Kosher Cookies flowering time is speedy by any standards, especially for indoor growers who can expect average yields of up to 400g/m2 to be ready to go in 8 weeks from germination in most cases, and rarely more than 10. While outdoor growers will have longer to wait (expect a harvest in mid to late October) the Kosher Cookies yield should be friendlier to those growing these feminised seeds outdoors or in a greenhouse.

While the yield is average (especially indoors) growers are rewarded with beefy, dense nugs, coated in resinous trichomes and lush orange hairs. The myriad of colours is matched by the variety of tempting fruity, piney aromas that will start to fill up your grow room about halfway through the flowering time, and only get stronger and more inviting as it gets closer to harvest.