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Kush Berry x Kosher Kush

by DNA Genetics

Golden Berry is an extra-potent sativa-dominant hybrid that’s known for its juicy citrus flavor, trichome-frosted buds, high yields, and cerebral effects that develop into full body relaxation – sometimes, a strain has it all.

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Golden Berry Strain Genetics

Golden Berry is bred by DNA Genetics in Amsterdam, combining Kush Berry with Kosher Kush for a double-barrelled next-level Kush with bags of flavour.

Golden Berry Strain Terpene Profile

True to its lineage, Golden Berry tastes as good as expected, with a mouth-watering and moreish aroma. Sweet-sour blueberry notes are backed up by a lingering spiciness from the Kush parentage. On the exhale, a hazy lemon quality blends with a clean piney flavour. We recommend vaping to get the most out of this bouquet.

Golden Berry Strain Effects

Can’t decide between indica and sativa? Although sativa-dominant, Golden Berry’s 60/40 balance means the best of both worlds – perfect for those indecisive smokers. Feel the sativa effects quickly come on, with an energizing heady high stirring inspiration and a social buzz. As this tapers off, the classic indica relaxation should take hold, leading to a state of full-body relaxation and calmer thoughts. This strain is a great one to enjoy with friends and particularly well-suited for late-night parties when a little boost is needed before settling down for chill-time.

Medical Benefits Golden Berry Strain

If you respond well to sativa strains, Golden Berry can be an excellent way to access their mood-lifting, energising qualities, safe in the knowledge that the indica after-effects won’t keep you up all night. Likewise, its reliably relaxing effects are great for pain relief in situations when you don’t want to be 100% couch-locked.

A few tokes in the evening should result in a great night’s sleep but make sure to exercise caution – this is a high strength strain (novice users may prefer more suitable strains for beginners). Take it easy with Golden Berry, and you won’t be able to wipe the grin off your face.

How to Grow Golden Berry Strain

Golden Berry is a fast-flowering strain that produces high yields of dense buds, frosted with distinctive trichomes. For maximum results, Golden Berry prefers a relatively arid Mediterranean climate, so to those lucky enough to live in such an environment, this is a strong outdoor grower.

If growing indoors, make sure to keep things nice and dry, as mould can quickly take over and ruin the crop. Similarly, some mild pest control may be necessary to keep Golden Berry fighting-fit. Don’t be put off, with a little care growers will be rewarded with heavy buds laced with beautiful blue and lavender fronds and covered with sparkling crystals – sure to brighten up any growing space. And with its fast turnaround of 8-9 weeks, there’s not long to wait until reaching Kush heaven.