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Gelato 33 x Sorbet

by DNA Genetics

Get ready to fall in love with Gelato Sorbet, an indica-dominant hybrid from the acclaimed DNA Genetics team that boasts a maddeningly sweet and dank fruity flavour and a balanced mellow high. This high THC strain produces vibrant, colourful resin-rich buds that are an absolute pleasure to grow.

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Gelato Sorbet Seeds Strain Genetics

Gelato Sorbet marijuana seeds are an all-star cross between two highly regarded strains: Cookie Fam Genetics’ Gelato #33 “Larry Bird” cut and the clone-only Sherbert phenotype, Sorbet. It’s another fan favourite in the DNA Genetics’ sorbet collection. 

With legendary DNA genetics from the parent strains, it’s no surprise that Gelato Sorbet lineage includes a combination of cannabis royalty like Sunset Sherbet x Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint Cut and F1 Durban x OG Kush, as well as other heavy hitters like Pink Panties and Cherry Pie Kush. Together, the compound genetics from these DNA Genetics seeds deliver a sweet fruity aroma with notable dank diesel flavours and a positive, relaxing effect.

Gelato Sorbet Strain Terpene Profile

While the terpene profile for Gelato Sorbet is still being developed/under analysis, we can use information from the parent strain cross of Gelato #33 x Sorbet to make an educated guess.

Gelato Sorbet cannabis strain flavours offer an intense organoleptic experience with its very sweet and dank fruitiness that is reminiscent of your favourite refreshing fruit ice cream from childhood. 

Gelato Sorbet dominant terpenes include caryophyllene, myrcene and limonene, which deliver a bright sweet and fruity aroma with dank gasoline undertones. With just one inhale, you’ll be hooked on the sweet, creamy and spicy flavour pairings of this desirable cannabis strain.

Gelato Sorbet Strain Effects

Gelato Sorbet’s genetics deliver a balanced and powerful effect that is both euphoric and calming. You’ll be able to keep a clear mind with this strain as you allow your bodily tension to melt away. 

The caryophyllene terpene boosts the effects of the THC to deliver a physically relaxing yet non-sedative and discreet cerebral experience, making it an excellent strain to enjoy at any time of the day.

While Gelato Sorbet THC level is considered high, it’s not overwhelming as some indica-dominant strains can be. This is likely a result of the influence of this strain’s sativa genetics which 

Gelato Sorbet Strain Medical Benefits

As a high THC low CBD cannabis strain, Gelato Sorbet medical seeds can potentially benefit medical marijuana patients who suffer from chronic pain and high-stress levels

With influence from myrcene and caryophyllene terpenes, Gelato Sorbet medical benefits include pain-relieving, stress-reducing and anti-inflammatory properties that have been known to help lessen pain and provide positive mental health benefits.

How to Grow Gelato Sorbet Strain

Growing Gelato Sorbet cannabis seeds is really easy. This particular plant variety grows uniformly and adapts well to high-yield techniques like SOG with selected cuttings or SCROG with cultivation mesh, making it a great strain for budding cultivators. 

Available as feminized seeds from the MGS seed bank, Gelato Sorbet’s flowering time averages 8-9 weeks from germination and can be grown both indoors and outdoors with peak harvest time in mid-October. Gelato Sorbet produces average yields ranging from 450-500g per m2.

With DNA Genetics’ Gelato Sorbet feminised seeds, growers will be awed by the colourful and resinous buds that take on vibrant blue and purple hues.