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Gelato Sorbet x Lava Cake

by DNA Genetics

From a celebrated lineage, DNA Cake offers aN array of inherited qualities from its celebrated Wedding Cake and Gelato ancestry. With indica-dominant genetics and a moderate THC content, DNA Cake is the perfect strain for both newcomers and cannabis veterans.

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DNA Cake Profile

DNA Cake from the DNA Genetics seed bank is an indica-dominant hybrid that boasts an acclaimed lineage. Created from a crossing of Gelato Sorbet x Lava Cake, it has its origins in several legendary indica/sativa marijuana strains, including the renowned Girl Scout Cookies.

With Lava Cake sired from Grape Pie x Thin Mint GSC and Gelato Sorbet, a cross of Cannabis Cup winner, Gelato #33 x Sorbet, DNA Cake is one of many great new strains brimming with potent genetic qualities. It inherits a palatable vanilla-esque flavour profile from its parents, along with a dominance of indica qualities alongside a potent range of effects. DNA Cake seeds fully mature in around nine weeks, producing above-average yields of dense purple and orange buds – a must for any connoisseur’s wishlist.

DNA Cake Terpene Profile

With a complex blend of aromas and flavours, DNA Cake assumes the tasty overall cake-essence of its bakery-inspired predecessor. It also plays host to an array of other sweet and citrus notes, with hints of a vanilla frosting taste and tangy tropical fruit layers, as well as kush and gassy skunk fragrances.

The dominance of limonene provides many of the citrus-like characteristics in this terpene profile, with linalool also adding in some spicy tropical fruit qualities. Pinene supplies hints of fresh trees and herbal notes, while myrcene adds a hoppy taste with peppery undertones. It’s these dominant terpenes, alongside many others in smaller amounts, that contribute to the unique and unmistakable taste of DNA Cake.

DNA Cake Strain Effects

As an indica-dominant strain, users of DNA Cake seeds can expect to receive a predominantly body-focused experience that offers a tranquil buzz with lingering sedative effects. Strong relaxation and calming sensations will envelop the body, usually lasting for a few hours before gently fading.

With moderate THC levels, DNA Cake can also provide its users with euphoric cerebral effects alongside its overall physical buzz. Mostly though, it’s an excellent strain for chilling out and unwinding or for reading a book and relaxing. Productive activities are achievable but potentially a challenge with this commanding pheno, so it’s probably one that’s best saved for the evenings.

DNA Cake Medical Benefits

Not only providing broad physical effects from its indica-dominant genetics, but DNA Cake also has a host of other positive advantages, thanks to its complex terpene profile. Terpenes include various antibacterial and antiviral qualities, among many other helpful properties.

With indica-heavy genetics, DNA Cake provides powerful body effects that can help to alleviate physical ailments and injuries. It offers potent sedative effects that make it ideal for pain relief and soothing muscle tension while also helping with insomnia and sleep disorders. Although it’s dominated by its indica qualities, its less-prevalent sativa effects can also help contribute to stress relief and assist with cognitive well-being as well as state of mind.

How to Grow DNA Cake Strain

DNA Cake feminized cannabis seeds have a flowering period of around 8 – 9 weeks, developing into characteristically short and bushy indica cannabis plants with purple and orange hues. The plants flower with frosty trichomes covered with THC crystals, with dense and compact buds of multiple hues.

Nurtured inside, gardeners can expect a moderate yield of between 350g – 400g per M2, while grown outdoors, DNA Cake seeds are able to produce a potentially more significant yield under favourable conditions. It’s best planted in time to utilize the late summer photoperiod, ideally in time for a late September harvest. Fragrances are strong during the flowering period, so indoor growers should look to utilize carbon filters for discretion with this one.