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Chocolope x Kosher Kush

by DNA Genetics

Chocolope Kush is the progeny of two award-winning parents, giving this golden-child a good head start as the future reigning champion of many Cannabis Cups worldwide.

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Chocolope Kush Strain Genetics

DNA Genetics created Chocolope Kush by cross-breeding the award-winning sativa Chocolope with their own, longtime champion of the indica world, Kosher Kush. This combination makes Chocolope Kush one of DNA Genetics’ most exciting and popular hybrids to date.

Chocolope Kush Strain Terpene Profile

Chocolope Kush’s flavor profile is the ultimate combination of its sativa and indica ancestors. You get the spicy, herbal aroma of the Kush lineage, while the sativa side provides a nutty, pinewood quality to it. These notes are coupled with the chocolate, slightly coffee-like fragrance of Chocolope.

Chocolope Kush Strain Effects

The high of Chocolope Kush starts out as a good sativa. The uplifting and energetic high builds up slowly, inspiring focus and creative insights. This is followed by the typically relaxing and euphoric body-stoned feeling you get from indica genetics. Your mind is likely to start to wander and become slightly fogged but you won’t reach the couch-lock phase.

Medical Benefits Chocolope Kush Strain

The high THC-levels (17-20%) and equally high levels of CBD (1%) give Chocolope Kush a wide range of medicinal properties. The THC will help with chronic pain, inflammation and stress. While the CBD helps to relax your muscles and can reduce seizures or spasms.

How to Grow Chocolope Kush Seeds

Chocolope Kush is an easy plant to grow. It does well outside, may it be predominantly in warmer climates. Indoors it responds well to a hydroponic setup and can produce high yields of frosty buds.

Chocolope Kush grows quite fast, compared to other hybrids in its class, making it possible to harvest this strain in and around seven weeks.