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Chocolope x Exodus Cheese

by DNA Genetics

Here is a special dessert baked by DNA genetics. Mesdames et messieurs this is Chocolate Fondue 80% sativa hybrid is a mix of two of the most exquisite varieties, Chocolope and Exodus UK Cheese. With a unique, mouthwatering flavor and smell, is perfect for any time of day. Bon appétit.

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Chocolate Fondue Strain Genetics

Chocolate Fondue is an 80% sativa-dominant hybrid created from a cross of DNA Genetics’ Chocolope x Exodus Cheese from Southern England, whose origins are still debated. The result of this blend is a perfect synthesis of their delicious flavors and balanced high/stoned power.

Chocolate Fondue Strain Terpene Profile

Chocolate Fondue’s smell is an explosion of sweet nutty earth with a spicy floral note when nugs are broken. Once inhaled, there is an overwhelming coffee, cheese, and chocolate flavor with a floral aftertaste as the smoke fades. Chocolate Fondue could be an interesting candidate for breeding flavor-based projects.

Chocolate Fondue Strain Effects

Chocolate Fondue is suitable to be served at any time: excellent conversation starter and perfect for after dinner relaxation. The high starts with a euphoric, creative rush typical with sativas, encouraging social moods and leaving cannaisseurs feeling energized and focused while it culminates in a sweet warm body-high.

Medical Benefits Chocolate Fondue Strain

Thanks to her mood-stimulating properties and a moderately high THC content, Chocolate Fondue may be a valid aid for many conditions, from chronic stress to mild-moderate cases of depression.

The relaxing power of this strain could be helpful against anxiety, while the energizing properties may help with fatigue. This strain may also aid in alleviating symptoms such as loss of appetite and nausea.

How to Grow Chocolate Fondue Seeds

Chocolate Fondue is an easy-to-grow strain, perfect for beginners, flourishes in both indoor and outdoor environments. Thanks to the skunky influence from Exodus UK Cheese, Chocolate Fondue requires around 8 to 9 flowering weeks before being ready to harvest, with an above-average yield.

Chocolate Fondue’s buds are small, round and dark-green with dark-orange hairs and a sticky coating of sweet trichomes with thick white crystals all around.