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Cannalope Haze x OG Kush

by DNA Genetics

How does one improve on an already impressive, top-notch strain like Cannalope Haze? Well, cross it with a Kush of course. Introducing, Cannalope Kush.

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Cannalope Kush Strain Genetics

It is almost unthinkable that Cannalope Haze had any room left for improvement. And yet, DNA Genetics from Amsterdam seemed to think it did. So, they set out to cross Cannalope Haze with Kush phenotype OG#18, creating an impressive blend with the same intense high, better-growing properties and a bursting new flavor profile. 

Cannalope Kush Strain Terpene Profile

This 70% sativa and 30% indica hybrid has retained the lovely herbal and spicy Kush aroma of earth and musty wood, with a hint of citrus. The taste, however, is a full bouquet of its Haze parent, giving Cannalope Kush the sweet tropical flavor of melon and lime.

Cannalope Kush Strain Effects

Here the sativa side of Cannalope Kush equation really shines. A cerebral boost invigorates the mind and lightens the body. The uplifting and energizing high of this sativa-dominant strain does leave some room for the relaxing and mellow effects of its indica components but not enough for it to become too sedative.

Medical Benefits Cannalope Kush Strain

Even though the high is predominantly sativa in nature, the underlying indica qualities of this strain have a big role to play in its medicinal application.

Cannalope Kush can ease tense muscles or nerves and can also help reduce pain in joints. Many aches and pains, for that matter, can be reduced by its indica genetics. The sativa genetics, on the other hand, have been found to help to reduce symptoms of stress, depression and other forms of mental issues.

How to Grow Cannalope Kush Seeds

Another significant improvement of the otherwise almost perfect Cannalope Haze strain is the enhanced cultivation features. Cannalope Kush grows faster and yields just as much, if not more, than its Haze predecessor.

Suited for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, this strain does well in all environments. In colder climates, however, growers are advised to cultivate Cannalope Kush indoors. For the best results, it’s wise to grow this strain on soil, rather than with a hydroponic system.