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Sorbet x Banana OG

by DNA Genetics

Banana Sorbet from the DNA Genetics Sorbet collection is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain with award-winning genetics and a sweet and fruity flavour. This high THC offering from the popular seed company produces large, resinous buds that are the perfect accompaniment to an evening of chilled-out relaxation.

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Banana Sorbet Strain Genetics

Banana Sorbet cannabis seeds, as you may have guessed by the name, includes popular base strain Sorbet as one of its parents and combines it with the multi-time award-winning seed bank classic, Banana OG. With Girl Scout Cookies at one end of the Banana Sorbet lineage and OG Kush at the other (as a grandparent of GSC, OG actually features in both sides) there’s a lot of variety in the flavours and traits here.

These Banana Sorbet marijuana seeds are fast flowering and easy to grow, with a satisfying buzz to boot, all handed down affectionately from the higher ranches of this DNA Genetics’ strain’s Californian family tree, not to mention a potentially mammoth THC content (just shy of 30%).

Banana Sorbet Strain Terpene Profile

Banana Sorbet’s abundant terpenes are the reason for the fruity blend of dessert sweet and tangy sour flavours that go together so beautifully. Of course, being related to several much-loved Kush strains, there’s a healthy dose of herbal aroma to the mix here too—that herbal scent coming via common cannabis terpene myrcene.

The sour hints of citrus fruit on the inhale are provided by limonene, a terpene also found in the rinds of lemons and limes amongst other fruits, while the sweeter, piney notes of pinene help to evolve those flavours into the banana-centric taste on the exhale.

Banana Sorbet Strain Effects

The Banana Sorbet THC level averages out at around 27%, which is information enough to know this isn’t necessarily a great wake and bake choice! Like many Cookies strains before it, this feminized cannabis is best suited for enjoying in the evening, when tasks and chores are finished, and you can kick back and enjoy the full-body relaxation effects produced.

An uplifting, euphoric mood can be expected too, but be aware that your legs are not going to be keen on travelling far for a fair while after the high kicks in!

Banana Sorbet Strain Medical Benefits

Pain-relief is one of the main potential Banana Sorbet medical benefits, with the high THC content working with terpenes like pinene, which are thought to bring pain-reducing qualities of their own too. This gives the strain potential to relieve the symptoms of migraines, fibromyalgia, and other chronic pain conditions.

The terpene combination of limonene and pinene is also a favourite in traditional medicine when it comes to assisting in softening the effects of stress. The relaxation and uplifting impact of these Banana Sorbet medical seeds could create a reduction in general stress or periods of acute anxiety.

How to Grow Banana Sorbet Strain Seeds

These indica-dominant feminised cannabis seeds from DNA Genetics are easy to grow even for the novice. The Banana Sorbet flowering time is pleasingly swift, with a high yield of up to 500g/m2 ready in a little as eight weeks from germination when grown indoors. Outdoor growers or those using greenhouses can expect optimal results in early October.

When growing these DNA Genetics seeds, the grower need not do too much, there may be the necessity for an odd trim, but beyond that, these plants should grow sturdy and durable, producing dense, trichome covered, dark green nugs that are perfect for resin extraction. If you’re looking for quick and easy seeds that produce excellent buds, Banana Sorbet should be top of your wishlist.