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Sorbet x Girl Scout Cookies

by DNA Genetics

A sweet sensation for the senses that lives up to its name with style,  Bakers Delight strain is an indica-dominant hybrid, easy to grow, strain from the expert strain hunters at the DNA Genetics seeds company. A welcome addition to our ever-growing seeds bank, these impressive feminized cannabis seeds with a speedy flowering time provide a truly rewarding harvest for both experienced and inexperienced growers alike.

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Bakers Delight Strain Genetics

If you want to know how sweet this DNA Genetics strain is, you need to look no further than the genetic profile of this marijuana seed. Bakers Delight blends one of the most famous cannabis strains of all time, multi-time cup winner Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), with Sorbet, a DNA Genetics creation that is thought to be a phenotype of Sunset Sherbert, which is itself a child of the Girl Scout Cookies Strain.

With that level of GSC strain in its background, you may expect this marijuana strain to feel more like a clone than a unique cannabis strain, but that is not the case, there’s enough originality here to ensure Bakers Delight has a charming personality all of its own.

Bakers Delight Strain Terpene Profile

The dominant and notable terpene profile of both Sunset Sherbert and Girl Scout Cookies gives us a solid idea of the makeup of DNA genetics Bakers Delight.

The primary terpene found in both parent strains (and therefore most likely in Bakers Delight) is caryophyllene, which is known for its spicy, peppery kick, but here provides the savoury to balance out the sweet.

Also present is limonene, adding a sweet and fruity citrus edge to the smells and flavours that are omnipresent on inhale and exhale. Another notable terpene is humulene, providing a woody, earthy taste on the inhale, and aiding in the combination of flavours to create the combined Cookies and Sorbet baker shop sensation you’d expect from a marijuana strain with the name Bakers Delight.

Bakers Delight Strain Effects

Girl Scout Cookies has OG Kush in its genetic makeup, and that lineage has carried down to Bakers Delight, with a relaxed, full-body buzz and a hearty dose of euphoria to be expected within a short time of trying this high THC content (a little under 20%) cannabis strain.

A little can go a fair distance here, even for seasoned veterans, meaning that Bakers Delight can last a fair while due not the ability to be light with the content, and still enjoy the full range of chilled out, happiness-inducing effects. A perfect evening time strain, and a good one for just before bed too.

Bakers Delight Strain Medical Benefits

The potential medical marijuana benefits of Bakers Delight feminised seeds are predominantly due to the presence of THC and the terpenes mentioned above. The caryophyllene and THC present in this cannabis strain, which both interact with cannabinoid receptors in the body, are thought to provide rapid relief for chronic pain, migraine, and other pain-related conditions.

Bakers Delight is also following in the footsteps of the cup winners in its lineage by becoming a popular medical marijuana choice for people living with insomnia. The combination of relaxing terpenes and a high dose of THC can aid not only sleep, but also in relaxing the mind to prepare you for it.

How to Grow Bakers Delight Strain

Bakers Delight feminised cannabis seeds are easy to grow with fast flowering time, and the lack of effort you have to put in is rewarded with a veritable forest of tall, bushy plants. A coat of trichomes, with tones of purple and orange, add an extra sense of beauty to these already stunning looking DNA Genetics plants.

Indoor or greenhouse growing is advised here, and gardeners can expect harvest time for these cannabis seeds to fall around the eight or nine-week mark, wait for that sweet smell of candy with a tingle of citrus and berries underneath to let you know when the high yield (around 500g/m2) from these feminized seeds is ready for harvest.