Buy 91 Krypt strain seeds

Captain Krypt OG x Chem. ’91

by DNA Genetics

91 Krypt is DNA Genetics’ limited edition powerhouse blend of their own Captain Krypt OG and the equally potent Chemdawg ‘91 strain. A strong indica-dominant strain that is ideally suited for experienced cannabis connoisseurs.

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91 Krypt Strain Genetics

DNA Genetics have outdone the potency of their already powerful Captain Krypt OG by crossing it with the notorious Chem. ’91. This daring mix has created the exceedingly strong 91 Krypt. A limited-edition indica-dominant best left to connoisseurs with a tolerance for high THC strains.

91 Krypt Strain Effects

91 Krypt promises an intense, all-encompassing, sedative full body-buzz. Its powerful effects bring a tingling sensation from head to toe and a thick mind-fog. A deep heaviness follows quickly bringing on that famous indica ‘couch lock’ effect. While connaisseurs (and indica-lovers especially) find this strain a joy to consume, less experienced consumers will likely find its powers overwhelming.

91 Krypt Strain Terpene Profile

The potency of this strain isn’t only limited to the strong effect, 91 Krypt’s aroma is just as intense. Think pungent, diesel fuel-like skunkiness coupled with the damp earth and herbal essence of a fine Kush strain.

Medical Benefits 91 Krypt Strain

Because of the above 20% THC levels this strain is pushing, 91 Krypt is a perfect medicinal bud that will help you relax your muscles and nerves to reduce stress and pain. If you have trouble sleeping or experiencing loss of appetite, then this is your drug of choice!

How to Grow 91 Krypt Seeds

91 Krypt is an excellent strain for outdoor, as well as indoor cultivation, although a greenhouse environment is most favourable. The large bulky and dense buds this strain produces will be matured and ready for harvest in 9-10 weeks, and the yield will be ample.