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Ruderalis x Williams Wonder

by DNA Genetics

60 Day Wonder by DNA Genetics is a 90% indica-dominant hybrid, a descendant of the famous William’s Wonder (from whom it has inherited the exceptional medical properties) and Ruderalis: an ultra-fast-growing strain with extraordinary relaxing mental and physical effects.

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60 Day Wonder Strain Genetics

60 Day Wonder by DNA genetics derives from crossing, and subsequent back-crossing, between the North-American William’s (Willy’s) Wonder- indica-dominant with Afghani genetics- and Ruderalis. The result is a powerful fast-growing strain with a consistent yield and great healing properties.

60 Day Wonder Strain Effects

The 60 Day Wonder’s effect is a mix of a body and mind sensations. It immediately reveals a powerful indica side, giving an overwhelming sense of pleasant body calm and relaxation. Enjoy 60 Day Wonder in the evening, when these leisured laziness can be enjoyed freely.

60 Day Wonder Strain Terpene Profile

60 Day Wonder is a strain with a pleasant bouquet of Sandalwood, spicy, earthy and herbaceous fragrances with a balsamic and pungent touch of pine and sour lemon. This pleasant smell is combined with an equally appealing earthy taste mixing citrus and woody notes which carries over with a fruitier aftertaste.

Medical Benefits 60 Day Wonder Strain

Ongoing research has suggested that high THC and low CBD strains may have potential benefits including stimulating appetite. This moderate THC, low CBD strain may, therefore, be somewhat helpful for coping with a suppressed appetite although high THC strains are thought to be more effective. The moderate THC level of this strain could also provide some relief from mild aches, pains, and stress.

How to Grow 60 Day Wonder Seeds

By crossing a heavy-cropping indica with a stable ruderalis, DNA Genetics have created one of the fastest-flowering strains: 60 Day Wonder is a small, short side-branched plant making ideal for SOG setups in low ceilings spaces, as well as for balconies or a small corner of the garden. This strain is ready for harvesting -with every light regime (including 24/24 light)- 60 days after germination, although 18/20 hours of light per 24 hour period is recommended to achieve excellent yields.