Buy 60 Day Lemon strain seeds

Ruderalis x Lemon Skunk

by DNA Genetics

60 Day Lemon is an indica dominant hybrid with a nicely balanced high that has both physical and cerebral effects. An easy-to-grow and fast flowering strain (60 days from seed, hence the name) with a pungent lemony bouquet. The perfect choice for both both beginners and expert growers.

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60 Day Lemon Strain Genetics

60 Day Lemon from DNA Genetics is an indica-dominant hybrid derived from the successful cross between Ruderalis and the “easy-to-grow masterpiece of genetic achievementLemon Skunk (as stated by the High Times writer Danny Danko, naming it one of the 2009 top 10 strains). It’s here that 60 Day Lemon has inherited the majority of its strengths and peculiarities.

60 Day Lemon Strain Effects

Although 60 Day Lemon is stated as an indica-dominant hybrid, the effects are typically more that of a typical hybrid. The result is a balanced set of mental and physical sensations, which include happiness, uplifted, lightness, euphoria and a pleasant body-relaxation, making this strain an optimum relax-strain.

60 Day Lemon Strain Terpene Profile

This strain combines a fresh and sweet lemon fragrance with a spicy note of pine. When inhaled, the 60 Day Lemon emanates a typically Skunky, earthy aroma that rapidly gives way to a blend of sour and sweet flavour. With a lemony touch and pleasant citrus notes, this strain brings bliss with each exhalation.

Medical Benefits 60 Day Lemon Strain

The effect of 60 Day Lemon might make this hybrid suitable for reducing symptoms of chronic stress, bringing you back into a state of mental and physical relaxation. Due to its energizing and uplifting properties, this strain has the potential to be an ally against depression and anxiety. 60 Day Lemon is also a valid aid in relieving persistent pain, nausea, chronic fatigue and headaches.

How to Grow 60 Day Lemon Seeds

60 Day Lemon from DNA Genetics is an exceptionally simple strain to cultivate. The Ruderalis genetic component of this hybrid make it very rustic, able to bloom even in modest growing conditions without needing a full indoor grow room to offer resinous and fruity flowers. The flowers are ready for harvesting at 8-9 weeks (around 60 days) from germination, without the need for special lights or light cycle, but grown under controlled conditions of 12/12 dark/light cycle, will get extra results.