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Strawberry Cough x Original Amnesia

by Dinafem

Strawberry Amnesia smells of summer. This fragrant sativa-dominant by Dinafem Seeds uplifts and energizes. Its high THC content and 9-10 week flowering time will please any sativa enthusiast.

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Strawberry Amnesia Genetics

Dinafem Seeds created Strawberry Amnesia by crossing the fruity, easy-to-grow Original Strawberry Cough with the award-winning potent power of Original Amnesia. Thankfully, Strawberry Amnesia has inherited the best of these genetics – bursting flavour, notable strength, and a relatively fast-flowering time for a sativa.

Strawberry Amnesia Terpene Profile

Strawberry Amnesia is well-loved for its unique aroma which combines sweet strawberry notes with typical Haze scents. Its flavour is equally delightful, with bold berries taking prominence and an earthy, spiciness lingering in the background. A joy for both the nose and the tongue, this strain is sure to be the topic of the conversation while enjoyed amongst other cannaisseurs.

Strawberry Amnesia

Expect lots of giggles and euphoria. Strawberry Amnesia releases an immediate energetic feeling suited for days outdoors. Some traces of indica effects lurk in the background, but nothing beyond pleasantly relaxing. Mostly, Strawberry Amnesia is a sativa that gives energy and promotes productive focus and creativity.   

Medical Benefits Strawberry Amnesia

Strawberry Amnesia may very well be suitable for people struggling with chronic stress and/or anxiety. Its sativa dominant lineage indicates that this strain may be used to treat symptoms of depression as well as PTSD or ADD.

How to Grow Strawberry Amnesia

Strawberry Amnesia grows to medium-tall height, depending on whether it’s cultivated indoors or outdoors. Expect long thin leaves with wide branches, combined with dense, compact buds with the occasional orange hairs. Its flowering cycle of 8-9 weeks is relatively good for a sativa – as is its yield.