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Afghani #1 x Thai x Northern Lights

by Dinafem

With equal parts sativa and indica, Industrial Plant brings a good THC ratio (up to 14%) and a great cerebral head-high, that still has a nice balance to it.  This popular hybrid is famed for the ease with which it grows, and the massive yields it can produce.

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Industrial Plant Strain Genetics

This massively productive plant is sometimes known as ´the Ferrari´ of cannabis strains due to its impressive growing speed and rich bud. A powerful combination of Afghani x Thai landraces, this indica-dominant strain has some Northern Lights and a selection of Skunks in the mix. A 50/50 phenotype, combining the best traits of its heritage; including, potency, flavor, and yield.

Industrial Plant Strain Terpene Profile

Industrial Plant is blessed with dreamy scents of earth and moss, pepper and hints of citrus as soon as it comes into flower. In the flavour, these aromas of earth and pepper intensify, and with a citrus edge and skunky undertone.

Industrial Plant Strain Effects

A strain perfect for a relaxing evening with friends. Industrial Plant has enough THC (averaging 14%) to bring pleasant cerebral effects, a bout of the giggles, and a rush of inspiration. But not enough to be overwhelming. The balance in the effect comes from its strong indica heritage which gives a wonderful, complementary body-buzz.

Medical Benefits Industrial Plant Strain

Not specifically a medical strain, but Industrial Plant, has a lovely subtle, long-lasting high whose deeply relaxing, creative effect is suitable for pretty much anyone. You will benefit from a release of tension and anxiety, while feeling clear-headed and calm. Her moderate THC ratio may help ease daily aches and pains.

How to Grow Industrial Plant Strain

Industrial Plant is so named because of its so-called ‘industrial’ size yields. Beloved by growers for the speed of its growth (around 7 weeks), the heaviness of its yields, and its stable and reliable product. Industrial Plant will grow well outdoors. But for those choosing an indoor grow, especially if using a SOG or SCROG method, the results can be stunning. The bud is sticky and dense, with an orange glow because of the thick coverage of orange hair.