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Original Amnesia

by Dinafem

A tasty, uber-enriched CBD strain from Dinafem. Early Amnesia CBD has a near 1:1 CBD to THC ratio, giving great medical effects and very light psychoactive ones. A delicious strain too, thanks to its strong sativa genes.

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Early Amnesia CBD Strain Genetics

A 65/35 sativa-dominant strain, CBD enriched strain from Dinafem: Early Amnesia CBD is a cross of an Original Amnesia x a CBD Auto. A near 1:1 THC ratio means it has great medicinal benefits and very low psychoactive properties. And that’s all accompanied by strong sativa growth and flavors.

Early Amnesia CBD Strain Terpene Profile

Overwhelmingly citrus. There is orange citrus from the top CBD strains that Dinafem have used here and then that is combined with the predominantly lemon citrus of the Original Amnesia parent. Delightfully, these aromas also come through in the taste which will delight Amnesia lovers of all stripes.

Early Amnesia CBD Strain Effects

There is a really lovely, light cerebral effect from Early Amnesia CBD. It uplifts and brings happy, active and creative feelings. Without any of the side effects of its ancestors; there are no short term memory issues or anxiety here, thanks to the massive CBD content.

Medical Benefits Early Amnesia CBD Strain

If you are a medical user, then Early Amnesia CBD may be able to help with conditions as varied as inflammation, stress and anxiety, spasms and even epilepsy. CBD is the central cannabinoid under investigation by scientists the world over, who are interested in its potentially brilliant medical uses.

If you’re not a medical consumer but would still like something that makes you feel lightly medicated in the daytime, then you may want to try a tasty, sativa CBD strain like this one: all the benefits of your favourite sativa strain, without any of the overwhelming effects.

How to Grow Early Amnesia CBD Seeds

A sativa-dominant strain: that shows in the grow. Colas are long and frosty, with a prominent central one. Early Amnesia CBD will rocket up strong, fast and tall and will need space to spread. It does bush out below into multiple branches and can show lovely blue/purple hues in the foliage – thanks to the indica in the mix.

This CBD strain grows faster than the Original Amnesia parent, knocking a week to ten days off the flowering time. Given ideal conditions (think lots of light and nutrients for this strain) Early Amnesia will produce a very large yield of resinous, aromatic bud.