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Mexican Sativa x Afghani #1

by Dinafem

This superpowered sativa hybrid is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. With fast flowering times, a complex fruity flavor and a long lasting cerebral high, Diesel ticks all the sativa boxes and is known to satisfy novices and cannaisseurs alike.

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Diesel Strain Genetics

Developed by Dinafem, Diesel is a cross between the sativa-dominant Mexican Sativa and the Afghani #1 strain.

Diesel Strain Effects

With a lineage like this, its unsurprising Diesel has top-drawer sativa effects. That means a long-lasting cerebral high that can inspire creativity and without drowsiness. It’s great for those situations when needing to ‘keep your head in the game’, thanks to its clean, invigorating powers. It’s equally great for social situations, when the sativa boost leaves consumers social and talkative – the perfect strain for parties or spending time with friends.

Diesel Strain Terpene Profile

Like its parent strains, Diesel has a complex and nuanced flavour and aroma that most will enjoy. The scent is dominated by notes of citrus, pineapple and other fruits, with a characteristic diesel-oil undertone. Likewise, cannaisseurs with a soft spot for fruity cannabis strains, with many noticing juicy lemon and mandarin qualities, with a gasoline-like finish that’s surprisingly pleasant.

Medical Benefits Diesel Strain

With its long-lasting euphoric properties, Diesel can offer a lifeline to those suffering from depression. Similarly, its energising properties can be motivating and confidence-boosting, which is ideal for situations when you’re feeling lethargic or anxious about social situations.

As an extremely potent sativa, it’s recommended that novice users take it easy so as to avoid possible anxiety and discomfort – but this depends on your reaction to sativas in general. For the clearest high and the best flavour, you may wish to enjoy Diesel in a vaporizer.

How to Grow Diesel Seeds

Diesel’s popularity is partly due to it being extremely easy to grow. Novices and experienced growers alike will have no trouble producing high yields, and its exceptionally fast flowering time means there isn’t long to wait before enjoying the first harvests. Its medium size makes it well-suited to indoor grow setups, but it will also do well outdoors – just make sure to use a greenhouse unless growing in a Mediterranean climate.

Indoors, growers will want to use odor-controlling air filters, as the lemony-diesel scent can be deliciously overpowering. In under 8 weeks, Diesel should produce long, dense buds, coated in sticky resin.