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Skunk #1 x indica Big Bud

by Dinafem

This Spanish bred Critical Plus (or Critical +) has developed quite the following in the US. This has partly to do with its incredible fragrance, fast growing ability, and rewarding flower yield.

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Critical Plus Strain Genetics

Critical Plus was born in the labs of Spanish breeders Dinafem Seeds. They crossed a pungent Skunk #1 with the high-yielding indica Big Bud to create a strain that would almost immediately win the first Highlife Cup in Barcelona, back in 2005. Nowadays, this particular 50/50 hybrid has cultivated quite some fame on the West Coast of the United States.

Critical Plus Strain Effect

Critical Plus helps to elevate mood in any situation. The beginning of the high is predominantly sativa in nature and gives an uplifting, energetic and creative head buzz. This head buzz gradually moves into a more body-relaxing indica stoned sensation over the course of the first hour. Luckily, this body-stoned feeling never reaches the ‘couchlock’ phase.

Critical Plus Strain Terpene Profile

The fact that this strain stems from Skunk genetics explains the extremely pungent aroma it gives off. It bombards with a very strong and zesty citrus fragrance of lemons and lime, supported with a spicy pinewood undertone.

The exhale, on the other hand, is a lot more mellow and brings out the indica side of its genetics with an earthy tang.

Medical Benefits Critical Plus Strain

Critical Plus can be used by patients who are looking to treat both mental as well as physical ailments. It can be used to reduce stress, anxiety, depression or PTSD. Physical issues like fibromyalgia, severe back problems or migraines can also be treated with Critical Plus.

How to Grow Critical Plus Seeds

Critical Plus has become quite famous due to its fast growth and high yields of sticky, resinous buds. Critical Plus’s flowers are often so heavy and dense at the end of its cycle, that the branches need to be supported. Because of its sativa genetics, Critical Plus tends to grow fairly tall.

Growers will want to check its flowers for mould, due to the compactness of the buds. Critical Plus is ready for harvest in around 7-8 weeks.