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Critical Plus x Dutch Cheese

by Dinafem

This hybrid strain brings classic indica relaxation with an uplifting sativa undercurrent. Relatively hardy and extremely fast-flowering, Critical Cheese is an all-round crowd pleaser with a fresh, tangy flavour and distinctive aroma.

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Critical Cheese Strain Genetics

Critical Cheese was developed in Amsterdam by Dinafem, combining the American favourite Critical Plus with the legendary Dutch Cheese. The two indica-dominant hybrids retain some of their sativa heritage, so cannaisseurs will be getting the best of both worlds with Critical Cheese.

Critical Cheese Strain Effects

The double team of indica hybrids means consumers can expect a relaxing high that’s deeply satisfying, with waves of euphoria that keep on coming. The uplifting sativa qualities keep ‘couch-locked’ feelings at bay, with consumers feeling confident and talkative. Critical Cheese is a great social smoke, that’s perfect for sharing with friends or chilling out at a party.

Critical Cheese Strain Terpene Profile

The bold lemon flavours from the Critical Plus are noticeable, backed up by earthy-pine undertones and pungent spicy notes on the finish. Naturally, the Cheese brings with it a sharp ‘cheesy’ quality, both on the nose and the palate. The complex aroma and flavour make this one to savour.

Medical Benefits Critical Cheese Strain

Indica hybrids are favoured for their relaxing deep-body effects, and Critical Cheese is no exception. If you’re feeling anxious or restless, this strain can make it feel like your cares are melting away, leaving you calmed and uplifted.

Some users report boosted confidence and increased talkativity, which may benefit those suffering from social anxiety. And the reliable pain-relieving effects are perfect for those with chronic aches or injury.

How to Grow Critical Cheese Seeds

Critical cheese is fantastically easy to grow, both inside and out. Even a complete beginner can look forward to a fast flowering time and heavy, dense buds, glistening with potent oils.

Such a fast growing plant needs regular topping and trimming to keep it under control in smaller grow spaces and, whatever the setup, growers will want to invest in anti-odour filters – its scent can be extremely pungent for the first two weeks of flowering. Critical Cheese is ready for harvest in 8-9 weeks.