Buy Blue Kush strain seeds

Blueberry x OG Kush

by Dinafem

Blue Kush is a tasty sativa-dominant hybrid that produces uplifting effects and lasting euphoria with a fresh and fruity taste. Easy to grow with large yields, it’s easy to see why this strain is well-loved worldwide.

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Blue Kush Genetics

Blue Kush was developed by Dinafem. Produced by crossing the popular Blueberry and OG Kush strains, it’s a sativa-dominant strain that retains the best qualities of both parents.

Blue Kush Terpene Profile

With a lineage like this, Blue Kush is all about the flavor. The deep, earthy Kush qualities bring notes of pine and mahogany, while the Blueberry brings a zingy berry flavor with a fresh lemony finish. A favorite among cannaisseurs; use of a vaporizer is recommended to preserve maximum flavor.

Blue Kush Effects

Even though it’s a cross between an indica and hybrid, Blue Kush retains Blueberry’s prominent sativa effects. Expect an uplifting, cerebral high, with an undercurrent of euphoria that builds to a satisfying peak. The indica undertones mitigate any sativa jitters, so it’s equally enjoyable when looking to relax or get things done.

Medical Benefits Blue Kush

The uplifting effects of Blue Kush make it a popular choice among those suffering from anxiety and depression, while its intellectual qualities may help people with attention deficit disorders to focus. Users with chronic aches and pains may also find its anti-inflammatory properties offer lasting relief.

How to Grow Blue Kush

Blue Kush’s well-established parentage make it a hardy, low-maintenance, plant that flourishes indoors- and out thanks to its natural disease-resistance. For the biggest yields, grow indoors and trim regularly – growers can expect the first harvest in 8 – 10 weeks. To max out the strain’s distinctive appearance, dip the temperature just before it starts to flower. Blue Kush rewards with dense buds, flecked with bright yellow pistils and covered in deliciously sticky trichomes.