Buy Amnesia XXL strain seeds

Original Amnesia x Amnesia Autoflowering

by Dinafem

Amnesia XXL is a supercharged sativa with a fresh citrusy aroma and long-lasting cerebral high and energizing effects. Perfect for parties, or getting those creative juices flowing.

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Amnesia XXL Strain Genetics

Developed in Amsterdam by Dinafem, Amnesia XXL is a cross between the Original Amnesia and Original Amnesia Autoflowering, producing a premium sativa strain with concentrated effects.

Amnesia XXL Strain Effects

With a sativa-heavy lineage like that of Amnesia XXL, expect an intensely cerebral high with surprisingly energizing effects, suited to an early solo smoke or for social situations.

Effects are generally long-lasting with a gentle taper, but they may be overly intense for first-timers, or those that struggle with sativas.

Amnesia XXL Strain Terpene Profile

Like its parent strains, Amnesia XXL has bags of flavor. Expect prominent lemon top notes with an earthier, pine finish that’s refreshingly clear. Very fragrant, with deeper notes of incense and black pepper becoming more prominent.

Medical Benefits Amnesia XXL Strain

Thanks to its energising qualities, Amnesia XXL is a great option for treating nausea or low appetites in situations when you want to avoid potential drowsiness. Depending on your disposition, high-quality sativas can either mitigate anxiety or intensify it – if you generally respond well to sativas, this will be right up your alley!

How to Grow Amnesia XXL Seeds

Amnesia XXL is quite easy to grow and produces big yields. For best results, grow indoors, but outdoor crops can still do well with the right care – just keep an eye out for pests.

Indoors, Amnesia XXL flourishes with plenty of light, relatively warm temperatures, and organic fertilizers. Its amnesia heritage means leaves grow relatively thin, so no need to prune.

Plants grow to a medium size and usually flower in 11-13 weeks, so with a little luck, growers will be rewarded with multiple harvests of dense buds, sticky with resin and trichomes.