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Strawberry Sour Diesel

by Devil Harvest

A fruity, relatively high CBD strain from Devil´s Harvest Seeds, Raspberry Waffles CBD is a delicious cross of Strawberry Sour Diesel x a secret high CBD male. Remarkable for both its fabulous flavour and great medical potential. Upwards of 1% CBD.

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Raspberry Waffles CBD Genetics

Strawberry Sour Diesel, the mother strain in Raspberry Waffles CBD, is a fruity, sativa-dominant hybrid renowned for its spectacular flavour and relatively high CBD ratio (approx. 1%). To reinforce the CBD benefits in this offspring strain, Devil´s Harvest Seeds crossed this strain with a CBD potent male (which strain exactly is a closely guarded secret). The aim was to create a high CBD strain of interest to cannaisseur growers looking to add some unique genetics to their collections with this beautiful sativa hybrid.

Raspberry Waffles CBD Terpene Profile

The remarkable Raspberry Waffles has a distinct berry scent that is likely attributed to the presence of limonene, inherited from the Strawberry Sour Diesel in its genetic makeup. Its sweet and sour tones are strong, something which growers preferring discretion may like to keep in mind. There are earthy and diesel notes in the aroma too. These flavours all come through on the taste buds, with the fruit and diesel being predominant.

Raspberry Waffles CBD Effects

Contrary to what one would expect from a sativa-dominant strain, this one is strong but seductive. Raspberry Waffles CBD is satisfying and will leave consumers feeling contented, sedate and relaxed. This strain also has plenty of cerebral uplift thanks to the strong sativa genetics on its mother’s side of the family.

Medical Benefits Raspberry Waffles CBD

Raspberry Waffles CBD is a sativa dominant hybrid with impressively uplifting, cerebral effects. The sativa-dominant mother (Strawberry Sour Diesel) is high in THC. That said, the higher CBD here balances the high out, meaning Raspberry Waffles CBD is far more sedative and deeply relaxing than her parent. This is a relatively new strain, so the phenotype is not completely stable and the actual CBD content can vary from plant to plant. Safe to say that it is at least 1%, and upwards from there.

Specific cannabinoid ratios are hard to track down for this strain but CBD at those levels can potentially provide helpful relief to medical
consumers suffering from conditions as varied as stress and anxiety, to inflammation and muscle aches or spasms.

How to Grow Raspberry Waffles CBD

These impressive regular seeds will grow relatively tall, with prominent sativa characteristics: tall and thin, a little gangly even, with large colas, spread out. Raspberry Waffles has a lovely soft green and orange colouration in the bud, which will be evenly covered in a fine layer of crystals. A good average flowering time, between 9 and 10 weeks, under ideal conditions (indoor or outdoor), will give growers a fair yield of this tasty and potent product.