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SFV Kush x Exodus Cheese

by Devil Harvest

Khufu is an indica-dominant hybrid named after the first pyramid-building pharaoh. Looking for a strain that stacks bud on top of bud? Look no further.

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Khufu Strain Genetics

Named after the Egyptian pharaoh that started the whole pyramid building affair, this indica dominant hybrid is a three-way cross of a San Fernando Kush male and Devil’s Harvest’s very own Kuchi female (SFV Kush x Exodus Cheese). Upon discovering the Kush features of this combination, Devil’s Harvest’s breeders decided to solidify these features by backcrossing the same plant with an SF Kush female and a Kuchi male.

Khufu Strain Effects

The effect of Khufu is predominantly indica by nature. Expect a deep and heavy body-stoned sensation that relaxes all the muscles and nerves in the body. Unlike most powerful indicas, this strain still leaves some mental clarity to remain talkative and sociable.

Khufu Strain Terpene Profile

Considering the lineage of Kuchi, which partly consists of Cheese genetics, it’s not surprising that the resulting Khufu strain has a powerful aroma. Unlike its ancestors, however, this strain comes with the added bonus of a sweet scent of citrus, coupled with the hashish-like odour of Kush, and a hint of pepper.

Khufu Strain Medical benefits

Strains with very high THC levels like Khufu have been suggested to help with appetite stimulation, pain and in some cases conditions like Glaucoma. Meanwhile, Khufu’s relaxing, calming and talkative effects may be appreciated by those suffering from social anxiety or stress, provided it is consumed in lower amounts.

How to Grow Khufu Strain

Khufu is only available as regular seeds, however, those wanting to grow mother plants or experiment with their own crosses will value Khufu for its vigorous and varied genetics. The three-way cross presents the largest amount of varying phenotypes so keep a close eye on the individual characteristics of every plant and treat them accordingly.

Nevertheless, most plants sprouting from Khufu seeds will display dense buds which consist of stack upon stacks of tightly packed nugs that will look amazing, no matter what climate it’s cultivated in. Khufu has a flowering time of around 9-10 weeks.