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Bruce Banner Bx F2 x Bitch Slap

by Dark Horse Genetics

Boasting marvellous black shades, shimmering crystal highlights, and a venomously high THC content, Simbiote is a superpowered marijuana hybrid from the Dark Horse Genetics seedbank that’s sure to get your spidey senses tingling.

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Simbiote Genetic Profile

Dark Horse Genetics have been up to their old tricks again, and their latest experiment is a monstrous newly-minted edition of two marijuana marvels. Combining an almost all black, terpene-rich Bruce Banner Bx F2 female with Bitch Slap – a Kosher Kush x (Zkittlez x OG Eddy Lepp) blend – Simbiote lineage is a lesson that with great power comes great responsibility. Boasting a THC content of up to 30%, this knockout indica/sativa hybrid packs plenty of potent psychoactive potential while retaining the unique tones and terp of its parent. 

While not yet available as autoflowering, photoperiod, or feminised seeds, Simbiote (or Symbiote) marijuana seeds are simple to cultivate, high-performing, and yield beautiful black and white plants that mirror the colours of its villainous Marvel counterpart. Perfect for comics book fans, concentrate creators and cannabis growers old and new, why not make this sinister symbiote the latest addition to your rogues’ gallery?

Simbiote Strain Terpene Profile

When putting together this particular pheno, Dark Horse Genetics purposely picked an especially pungent Bruce Banner cross in the hopes of retaining its spicy, honey-coated flavour profile. However, Simbiote flavour, while blending similar cinnamon, skunk, and diesel notes, is definitely not derivative. Expect creamy wild berry and grapefruit accents, exotic kush undertones, and an aroma that’s piney, pungent and strawberry-tinged. 

Bruce Banner’s origin story begins with OG Kush and, thus, its terpene profile is characterised by a mix of myrcene and caryophyllene compounds. Simbiote dominant terpenes follow a similar path, but alpha-pinene and limonene also play a prominent role, giving the strain a refreshing kick in both a taste and psychoactive sense.  

Simbiote Strain Effects

This superior hybrid strain provides a long-lasting and fast-acting psychoactive effect that lingers mainly in the mind. Expect a powerful punch to the head as Symbiote effects initially take hold, with this supercharged sense of euphoria soon settling into a creative buzz that stays for hours. Despite its nighttime colouration, this pheno is ideal for day use if consumed in moderation and also boasts relaxing, but not overwhelming, physical effects that’ll make any creative task a cinch. 

Mild-mannered marijuana users beware as Simbote THC level tests around 24-29%, with the potential of reaching the 30% THC range if grown with extra special care. Even experienced users should approach this high THC/low CBD strain with due caution and keep their consumption to a minimum, or its villainous psychoactive side will quickly wipe you out.

Simbiote Strain Medical Benefits

Sadly, Symbiote medical seeds won’t give you actual superpowers, but their therapeutic potential is still pretty impressive. Gaining a calming influence from OG Kush and an energetic kick from Strawberry Diesel, this unique balance makes this strain especially effective for treating symptoms of stress and anxiety. If you’re a medical marijuana patient who’s struggling to cope with the worries of the working week or constantly battling with insecurity, this Bruce Banner x Bitch Slap blend is the sidekick that just might save the day.   

Symbiote medical benefits can also be used to boost motivation and energy levels. Lacking a strong sedative effect, it’s a highly suitable strain for daytime use, and when paired with its uplifting psychoactive profile, this makes it a great choice in the fight against fatigue.

How to Grow Simbiote Strain

Growing Simbiote cannabis seeds will yield slightly different results depending on the specific phenotype. Most produce short, squat, fat indica-typical cannabis plants, which are easy to cultivate inside or out and respond especially well to LST and SCROG growth. Lucky growers may end up with the super shaded version, which features the monochrome colouration these regular seeds were specially bred for. 

Near-black colours and total trichome coverage make it look almost as if the resin was a virus or host feeding on the flowers underneath, giving this plant its unique supervillain aesthetic and making it an ideal option for non-solvent and hydrocarbon extractions. 

Symbiotes´ flowering time is around eight-ten weeks from germination, but this will be dependent on your light cycle and growing environment. Consider dropping the temperature during the last few days of the flowering period to deepen those beautiful black hues for added bag appeal and dramatic effect. Although producing a little less than some other AAA cannabis strains, the strength of these regular cannabis seeds is far superior, and if you do your research, there are plenty of tips and tricks for those wishing to increase Simbiote yields to the maximum and get the most out of each individual plant.