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Grape Cola x Bitch Slap

by Dark Horse Genetics

Sticky and delicious, Dark Horse Genetics Grape Smash seeds are an indica/sativa hybrid, heavy on the indica effects and full of massive sedative effects and luscious “Purp” qualities. Candy sweet and bursting with syrupy grape flavours, this delectable behemoth is another smash hit from this excellent seed bank.

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Grape Smash Strain Genetics 

Grape Smash lineage is a diverse family of purple varietal phenotypes, massive indica powerhouses, and deliciously fruity cannabis strains. A Grape Cola x Bitch Slap cross, Grape Smash marijuana seeds can tout such potent ancestors as Kosher Kush, OG Eddy Lepp, and Zkittlez through its Bitch Slap parentage.

Grape Cola — also known as Green Man Grape Cola — is a unique Bubba Kush Pre98 pheno that is delightfully fruity, distinctly resinous, and comfortably sedative. Though Bubba Kush’s origins are a mystery, it is believed to be born of a potential cross of OG Kush and Northern Lights.

Grape Smash Strain Terpene Profile

Dark Horse Genetics Grape Smash weed is a sensory-smacking treat from bud to smoke. Resinous nugs reek of fruit and sweet grapes, so discreet indoor growers will need some powerful filters. Grape Smash aromas are an eclectic blend of wildberry pancake syrup, fruity fuel, and sweet grapefruit notes amongst a dusting of Fun-Dip candy. Smoke flavours are full of sticky grape candy and sweet fruit.

Grape Smash abundant terpenes are the dankly fruity myrcene, which contributes the unique grape and “purple candy” flavours. Limonene adds some chemical hints of fuel, and caryophyllene lends a bit of funky musk, with myrcene rounding up the collection of fruity terpenes.

Grape Smash Strain Effects 

Beneath the potency of their rich, indica-heavy cannabinoids and heavy myrcene content, Dark Horse Genetics Grape Smash seeds produce powerful body sedation alongside dominant psychoactive traits. Most sativa effects are absent: This is a serious couch-lock strain, and your body will be glued to wherever you decide to spend an evening.

Grape Smash seeds THC levels can top out around 28%, and when paired with the high myrcene ratios, expect waves of mental effects that can easily overwhelm first-time consumers. Reserve this strain for night use only, as you’ll be drawn under by its smothering power.  

Grape Smash Strain Medical Benefits

Grape Smash medical seeds are grown for their powerful painkilling properties. Myrcene and caryophyllene contribute full-body relief from chronic pain through their anti-inflammatory and muscle-relaxing characteristics.

In addition, the soaring THC levels provide additional pain relief, as well as pleasant sleep assistance. The sedation of this strain will also work on the mind, as each session will dissolve anxiety and stress, leaving you comfortable beneath its thick grape blanket. 

How to Grow Grape Smash Strain 

Growing Dark Horse Genetics Grape Smash regular cannabis seeds is relatively easy for any level of grower. Beginners will enjoy the easy production and the lack of hands-on care needed for this strain, and advanced growers will love diving in with topping and SCROG setups. Grape Smash yields are typically around 500g per m2 in indoor grow areas, but outdoor operations in Mediterranean climates can expect even higher yields.

Grape Smash flowering times range from 8-11 weeks after germination and veg phases. As flower sites grow into heavy, compact buds, expect brilliant shades of light and dark purple to creep across the plant. Trichomes will go into massive resin production, and thick, sugary crystals will cover the surfaces of buds and trim leaves, leaving only orange pistils exposed. Harvest day will be a treat, as sticky nugs will just about drip with the syrupy grape and dank grapefruit gasoline candy reminiscent of the juiciest Purp strains.